Best Artificial Bamboo Trees

Best Artificial Bamboo Trees

Artificial bamboo trees are increasingly becoming popular, and you will see them in many UK estates and streets, more so the tall varieties. This is because they are ideal for gardens or yards with limited sunlight or areas where natural trees can’t survive.

Unlike before,  artificial bamboo trees now look incredibly lifelike with all properties of live bamboo trees, thanks to the advances in technology. They are excellent replicas of traditional bamboo trees and will help you to create a relaxing and natural environment in your home.

Why Choose Artificial Bamboo Trees

Live bamboo trees are fantastic, eco-friendly, and they grow very fast. However, if you don’t plant them in an optimal climate, they will not thrive, which only means you will not get your desired height. Therefore, artificial bamboo trees are the way to go and are the best alternatives to real bamboo trees.

Even if your natural bamboo tree thrives, it is more challenging to keep it contained in its planter since the roots can get uncontrollable and break the planter. This will force you to be repotting and dividing your trees after several years, which is not the case with artificial bamboo trees since they never outgrow their pots.

Unlike living bamboo trees, faux bamboo trees never die irrespective of the weather conditions. They retain their vibrancy and rich green colour all year round. Furthermore, artificial bamboo trees need minimal maintenance as opposed to natural bamboo trees. This will take away all the hassle of taking care of real bamboo trees, meaning you will have more time to relax and do other things.

Another good thing about artificial bamboo trees is that you can place them anywhere inside your house without risking damaging your floors when watering since they don’t require water. This will help you save money for paying huge water bills.

Artificial bamboo trees last for an extended period since they are made of high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, making them hard-wearing, sturdy, and with a realistic appearance. They feature real leaves, natural trunks with true lush jungle foliage for an authentic look around your home and are more appealing in bowl planters.

You can use these artificial bamboo trees to cover unpleasant or damaged walls in your home. They are ideal for disguising the eyesore and beautifying privacy barriers.

Best Artificial Bamboo Trees Review

Most artificial bamboo trees are botanically accurate with superb oriental style for your home or office. However, with the many options available on the market today, choosing the best artificial bamboo trees is an uphill task. But fret not. If you are looking for eye-catching, bold, or leafy bamboo trees, check out our top selection below.

Leaf Design UK Artificial Bamboo Plants/Trees, Wood, Natural Green, 120 cm

This classic artificial bamboo tree will create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere wherever you place it. It looks incredibly realistic with natural leaves and natural bamboo trunks.

It is made of high-quality materials that make it sturdy and durable; hence it lasts for a longer period, allowing you to see the value for your money in the long run. This faux bamboo tree requires no maintenance because it doesn’t need water or sunlight like a natural bamboo tree.

It’s available in a range of sizes and either brown wooden, natural, or fat leafy design. It comes potted in a plain black plastic pot; thus, ready for display. However, this artificial bamboo tree looks more impressive if you pot it inside a large decorative planter.

Its height is approximately 120cm; therefore, ensure you measure where you want to place it before buying. This bamboo tree is also lightweight for easy movement around your home or office.

You can use this artificial bamboo tree as privacy screens on your balconies and patios, creating natural barriers or brightening up the dark corners of your living room, dining room, guestroom, or kitchen.

Closer2Nature 2ft 3” Artificial Golden Bamboo; Artificial Plants With White Pot, Great for Indoor and Outdoor, Realistic Lush Green Leaves; Perfect House Plants or Artificial Outdoor Plants

This Golden Bamboo Tree will spruce up all your indoor and outdoor spaces and turn them into vibrant and elegant-looking spaces. It will allow you to enjoy a sense of tranquillity around your home. Its highly realistic foliage and natural stems make it looks so real, and only a few people will notice that it is fake.

It is made of the most advanced manufacturing techniques and finest wood materials for botanical accuracy. The leaves are made of high-quality silk and polyester blend for a natural look. It will remain evergreen for a long period since it never fades, thanks to the UV-resistant feature that is not covered with a waxy coating.

This artificial bamboo tree is available in various stem colours and heights from 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, to 6 feet. It’s supplied in a beautiful white plastic pot for easy and convenient display and carrying.

You can use it to divide spaces or lining the walkway or entryways. It’s also ideal for decorating both interior and exterior decors in your home.

INMOZATA Artificial Tree Artificial Tree Fake Decorative Plants 6ft/180cm High in Pot for Indoor Outdoor Garden

Do you love bamboo trees, and you don’t have time to care for them? Worry not! This INMOZATA Artificial Bamboo Tree is a perfect choice for you. It’s hassle-free since it doesn’t require water, trimming, or sunlight throughout the year and it will add a splash of colour with no need to maintain it, giving your home a brilliant look.

Its leaves never fall, giving you a neat and clean environment. Plus, the leaves never fade and retain their rich green and fresh look all the time thanks to its UV-resistant feature. This makes it a perfect choice for all seasons, whether in the cold months of winter or blazing hot summer days.

It is made using premium materials with high technology to ensure it has a botanical accuracy and hard-wearing feature. The tree is 180cm high and comes with a plastic pot for a ready display.

This artificial bamboo tree is suitable for adding beauty to your garden, home, hallway, conservatory, office, yard, patio, or brightening up all your living spaces.

CHRISTOW Artificial Bamboo Plant In Pot, Large 3ft 4ft 5ft Tall Indoor Decoration, Realistic Lush Green Leaves, Home Office Restaurant

This artificial bamboo tree is stunning and will add green accents to your home, garden, or office spaces with its lush green foliage. Its highly realistic vibrant foliage makes it look natural, and many people who take a quick glance will think it’s a live bamboo tree.

It is maintenance-free since no watering, trimming, or feeding is required for it to stay fresh and lovely. You only need to clean it with a garden hose when it gets dusty.

The leaves of this faux bamboo tree are made out of polyester material to replicate the thickness and size of natural bamboo leaves. The stems are made from real wood instead of plastic to create a natural and authentic look and feel.

This faux bamboo tree lasts for an extended period since it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. However, it’s advisable to treat the leaves with UV-protective spray if you want to display them outdoors.

It is available in different heights starting from 90cm with 500 leaves, 120cm with 730 leaves, and 150cm with 1095 leaves to brighten up any space. All these artificial bamboo trees come in pots weighted with concrete for more stability when you display them indoors. The concrete is usually disguised with faux moss for a natural-looking finish. Larger planters or pots are ideal for outdoor display.

You can use this artificial bamboo tree to add a stylish look to your decking, patio, balcony, garden, yard, office, living room, and guest room.

The Fellie Artificial Tree Artificial Bamboo Tree 150cm (5ft) Fake Decorative Plants with Plastic Pot for Home, Office, Lobby, Restaurant

This Fellie Artificial Bamboo Tree will help you add a touch of serenity to all your home spaces. It mimics natural bamboo trees, from its dense, bushy foliage to lifelike stems. This faux bamboo tree is suitable for indoor and outdoor use since it is UV-resistant; hence it won’t fade or turn colour even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

It’s made of high-quality plastic and polyester materials that make it durable with a realistic appearance. This means that the tree will remain fresh for a lifetime, allowing you to see the value of your money in the long run.

Unlike natural bamboo trees, this artificial bamboo tree doesn’t require water or sunlight to grow healthy since it’s maintenance-free. It will allow you to enjoy nature at your home without much hassle, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Measure where you want to place it since it has a height of 150cm or 5 feet. It comes potted in a small black starter pot for a ready display. This faux bamboo tree never outgrows the pot; hence no repotting after some years.

Use this faux bamboo tree to outshine the dark corners of your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and kitchen. You can also use it as a privacy barrier.

Artificial Bamboo Tree Plants, 90 cm Artificial Bamboo Artificial with Pot Home Decoration

This artificial bamboo tree will turn your spaces into a tropical look. It features three natural bamboo trunks, 12 hanging branches with 324 polyester bamboo leaves with perfect details for a natural and realistic look. The leaves have slight colour variations that make the tree more lifelike with enhanced beauty.

It’s exceptionally long-lasting since it’s made from high-quality materials that make it hard-wearing and sturdy. Plus, this artificial bamboo tree never fades, nor do the leaves fall out. The materials are also non-toxic; hence they won’t harm your pets or kids.

This faux bamboo tree is a perfect choice for people who want to bring nature into their rooms but can’t put in the hours and the effort it takes to care for live trees. You can finally forget about all the hassle of watering, feeding, and trimming your bamboo trees.

It is 90cm high and comes in a pot with a diameter of 17.8cm; thus, ensure you measure your display area before purchasing so you don’t get any disappointment when you finally unpack it at home. This artificial bamboo tree is suitable for adorning your entryways, hotel rooms, living rooms, kitchens, balconies, patios, gardens, office premises, shops, and even bedrooms.

Festnight 6 ft Bamboo Tree Large Artificial Replica Plant Decorative Plant for Indoor Home Office (Pack of 6)

Do you need some lush greenery in your office or home but don’t want to go through the trouble of watering and caring associated with live plants? This Festnight 6 ft Bamboo Tree will do the trick. It will add a pop of greenery anywhere you want without hardly any care since it’s maintenance-free.

It has a lovely dense green foliage that has more than 1200 lifelike leaves that will instantly light up all your spaces, be it hallway, office corner, or entryway.

These artificial bamboo tree leaves are made of premium polyester fabric, while the trunks are made of natural bamboo canes, which are firmly cemented in a pot, making them sturdy and hard-wearing with a natural feel and touch.

It comes in a pack of six, with each tree having a height of 190cm in its pot. You can place this artificial bamboo tree in another pot or planter that your scheme colour to add a pop of treasured hue.

This faux bamboo tree is ideal for brightening up all your outdoor and indoor spaces, photo studio for a realistic backdrop, or hotels, villas, restaurants, clubs, or weddings to mark out entrances. It is easy to display since you only need to take the pot and place it where you want to add beauty.

Outsunny 6ft Artificial Bamboo Tree Plant Greenary in A Pot for Home Office Planter 1.8M

This artificial bamboo tree from Outsunny will add a natural touch to your home or office since it is authentically beautiful and elegant. It is a fantastic alternative to a real bamboo tree because it’s easy to maintain. It needs no water, sunlight, soil, or any other care related to natural bamboo trees.

It is made of high-quality PE plastic to make it long-lasting with highly realistic stems and foliage. The branches are flexible; hence you can easily bend them manually to your desired shape. Plus, this faux bamboo tree is pet and human safe. It comes in a plant pot with faux moss for a more natural finish that refreshes all your living spaces. Therefore, the pot is ideal for easy display.

It remains evergreen for its entire life since it doesn’t fade, thanks to the UV-resistant feature. The leaves also never fall, and you can easily stick them back when they come out. This realistic bamboo tree is 1.8M high, with six stems and 1105 leaves.

You can use this artificial bamboo tree for a private screening or adding beauty to your office, balcony, deck, kitchen, living room, terrace, garden, patio, yard, restaurant, hotel, bar, club, villa, bedroom, dining room, and unattractive fences and walls.

LOMJK New Chinese Lifelike Bamboo Artificial Tree Evergreen Plant Tree Branch PE Fake Tree Wedding Home Furniture Decor Green Artificial plants (Size : 130cm)

This elegant artificial bamboo tree will bring a tropical look anywhere you place it and elegant touch to your reception or office. It is composed of natural trunks with articulated, high-quality faux bamboo branches to give it the desired shape.

It’s available in different sizes to allow you to choose your preferred size. This artificial bamboo tree is made of premium PE material, which is finely crafted to simulate natural tree tones and to provide overall lifelike features. It feels so real, and your visitors won’t know it is fake even after touching it.

This faux bamboo tree is durable since it lasts for an extended period without dying or withering. The leaves never fade or fall and remain fresh throughout the year, thanks to the UV-resistant feature.

It needs no water, sunlight, pruning, or any other care associated with live bamboo trees since it is maintenance-free. This makes it ideal for people who love natural bamboo trees but have no time to care for them.

This artificial bamboo tree has a height of 130cm and comes in a black pot. You can place it in a large planter for an impressive look. You can also match the planter colour with your décor to have an authentic and elegant finish.

Use this faux bamboo tree to add a serene touch to your living room, kitchen, balcony, restaurant, garden, yard, patio, terrace, hallway, entryway, and villa.

How You Can Display Your Artificial Bamboo Trees

Your artificial bamboo trees will look more appealing and beautiful if you display them in different vessels. This is because planters usually come in various colours to match your decor. The following are the common ways in which you can display your artificial bamboo trees.

  • Long rectangular planters These planters will give your artificial bamboo trees a sleek and stylish look. You can either use one long planter if you want to house several faux trees or use planters of different sizes. They are available in different colours such as white, black, grey, steel, and wood to choose your favourite colour.
  • Individual pots This is one of the traditional ways of displaying your artificial bamboo trees. Individual pots usually hold only one tree and are made from bamboo wood, concrete, and steel.

Examples of individual pots include contemporary square pots, black planter pots, cement planter pots, resin stone planter pots, and cylindrical pots.

  • Potted in rocks Most artificial bamboo trees are displayed in river rocks’ beds for an attractive look. This is usually an ideal option if you are displaying your trees in outdoor spaces or displaying several trees in a single long planter.
  • Baskets Baskets are also an excellent option for displaying your faux bamboo trees, especially for both indoor and outdoor display in a place where it doesn’t rain.


Artificial bamboo trees are brilliant and will create a natural environment in your home or garden. They have a realistic touch and look since they mimic live bamboo trees. These faux bamboo trees possess all characteristics of natural bamboo trees, from highly lifelike foliage to texture, and only a few people will notice they are not real.

You can use these artificial bamboo trees as a private screening, a natural barrier to cover damaged or unattractive walls and to brighten up dark corners of your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, restaurant, hotel, villa, garden, patio, and entryway.

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