Best Artificial Topiary Trees

Best Artificial Topiary Trees

Is transforming the look of your lawn or home on your bucket list? One of the most practical ways to give your home a unique sense of beauty and class is by introducing the best artificial topiary trees to your home décor.

Over time, artificial plants have grown significantly in popularity, mainly due to the aesthetic advantage they provide and their ease of maintenance. Besides being a common trend around the home, businesses also use artificial topiary trees in their entranceways to give their guests a warm welcome.

So, what is a topiary tree?

Topiary is an effective form of art that sees expert gardeners carefully trim and cut plants into an array of lovely styles and shapes. That’s the reason different topiary trees come in varying sizes and shapes which be used widely in homes and businesses. However, the topiary art form can be quite strenuous to create and demands regular care and maintenance for the plants to maintain their style and shape.

It is very time-consuming to keep such trees looking at their best, which is why artificial topiary trees have rapidly become quite popular. Besides looking as realistic as their actual organic counterparts, they also require minimal care.

There are various types of artificial topiary trees out there to ensure each customer can find their setting’s ideal solution. From hanging ball trees to potted and standalone hedges, you can’t miss the right artificial topiary tree option for your room or garden.

Benefits of an Artificial Topiary Tree

Should you opt for an artificial topiary tree or go for the real thing? While a real topiary option offers abundant natural beauty to your home or business, it is a demanding and time-consuming solution. And that is why most people opt for artificial alternatives. 

There are several benefits for an artificial topiary tree but let’s look at the most popular benefits.

They look authentic

One common misconception of artificial topiary trees is that people believe they don’t look as authentic as the natural alternatives. While that was the case with initial plants, these modern options appear incredibly realistic.

Although the most realistic options tend to be costly, they are a considerable investment. Not only are they striking in appearance, but they also last a lifetime with very little care.

No water needed 

With the modern way of living, remembering or finding the time to water your plants can be quite the hassle, and most people don’t even have the time to care for actual plants as needed. 

An artificial topiary tree doesn’t require any water; hence besides making it easier to take care of, it also makes them ideal solutions for areas such as gardens or flats far from a quickly accessible water source.

Low maintenance

An artificial topiary tree is a typical low maintenance way of offering a touch of the great outdoors to your home. These trees need no feeding, watering, pruning or reshaping and don’t require any sunlight. Because of such incredible low maintenance, they are ideal for office spaces and people who love trees but can’t care for them.

Easy to clean

Another critical benefit of faux topiary trees is that they are straightforward and quick to clean. You can quickly dust and clean these trees without fretting about damaging or killing the plant. On the other hand, living plants require careful cleaning, which is time-consuming since you’ll be avoiding incurring any damages or causing their death.


Artificial topiary trees are also a perfect option for people that suffer from allergies such as asthma and hay fever, which are brought about by actual trees and plants. They are also made out of toxic-free materials and therefore, will not cause any harm to pets or young kids.

Suitable for use anywhere

Another key benefit of using artificial topiary trees is that you can place them anywhere in the house or garden. Unlike large trees and hedges, which have deep roots in the ground or potted trees, artificial alternatives are not as heavy but are instead, impressively lightweight and portable. Consequently, you can move these trees around as you desire.

Other than the convenience of portability, artificial topiary trees don’t depend on sunlight, which means you can even place them in dark corners or spaces without windows. With the best artificial topiary trees, you can significantly and quickly brighten up the look of any room.

Year-round beauty

Most actual trees follow a yearly cycle where they shed their leaves and turn brown. That’s not the case with artificial topiary trees, and homeowners can now enjoy an alternative that looks fantastic all through the year. And you’ll never have to fret about your tree changing its appearance.


Live trees occur in nature, and hence they come with limited choices of shapes and shades leaving you with lesser options to pick from. Artificial topiary trees, on the contrary, come in many varying shades of colours allowing you to decide and choose the most suitable shade of green best for your home or lawn. Faux topiaries also feature several styles to pick from according to your preferences and needs. 


Price-wise, artificial topiary trees are way more cost-efficient than real topiaries. Not only for their resilience, but they also don’t demand any special attention or maintenance procedures. 

Seven Best Artificial Topiary Trees

Fycooler Artificial Plants Potted Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tree,Artificial Ball Shaped Tree Fake Fresh Green Grass Shrubs Bonsai Faux Greenery for Home Décor Office Garden Decoration

Next on the list are these artificial boxwood topiary trees from Fycooler. They are unique with a ball shape and colourful appearance, thus ideal for brightening any room. The package includes a set of three, with each topiary being 25 cm tall. 

The artificial topiaries then feature premium materials that give them their authenticity property. They even include grass that also looks real enough and are extremely hard to recognise as faux or distinguish from actual plants.

Like every artificial plant, these Fycooler topiary trees require no maintenance and will remain bright and fresh-looking year after year. Thus, they are ideal for extremely busy people who lack time to look after actual trees. 


  • The set includes three boxwood topiary trees
  • Very colourful with a ball-like shape
  • Each topiary is roughly 25 cm tall and includes premium materials
  • Each tree comprises an impressive quality 9 cm tall, 9.5 cm wide pot

After receiving the package, the grass ball topiary trees may appear deformed and squeezed. You will therefore need to adjust the topiaries to mend their shape slightly. They also include a pot that is 9 cm tall with a 9.5 cm diameter and is filled with artificial moss.

Christow Artificial Bay Tree In Pot, Large 3ft 4ft Tall Indoor Outdoor Garden Topiary Ball, Twisted Wooden Trunk, Realistic Lush Green Leaves, Home Office Restaurant (4ft, 1 pack)

Third on the list is the CHRISTOW Artificial Topiary Ball Tree. It is available in two sizes: a 90 cm tall version with 546 leaves and a 120 cm tree with 741 leaves. The topiary then includes dense foliage and berries alongside a double-twisted trunk that deliver its luxury look and feel.

While it’s an artificial topiary, this tree is highly authentic and beautiful as an actual one. It also requires less care and maintenance as it needs no pruning or watering. Its double twisted trunk features natural wood, which adds a natural touch, unlike the plastic stems present in competitive and lesser models. 

This CHRISTOW Artificial Topiary Tree comes with hundreds of green, lush leaves that feature polyester material. As such, they not only replicate the texture but also the look of real leaves. However, the leaves aren’t UV-resistant and may fade if you expose them to direct sunlight. Therefore, consider spraying the leaves using a UV-protective spray if you intend to use this topiary tree outdoors. Besides the leaves, this topiary tree also includes black and brown berries that also add to its authenticity.  


  • Green, lush polyester leaves with actual texture and look
  • A sturdy double-twisted natural wood trunk
  • Dense foliage alongside black and brown berries
  • Concrete base with artificial moss for disguise and natural finish

The 90 cm tree option comprises 2.75 kg of concrete, whereas the 120 cm version includes 3 kg of concrete, which bolsters the trees’ stability. It then uses artificial moss on top as a disguise to attain a more natural-looking finish. Consider repotting the topiary in a more prominent planter or pot, especially if you wish to display it outdoors.

As you’d expect with other artificial trees, the leaves tend to bend and crease during shipping. But it’s effortless to achieve the initial natural shape by straightening them out.

Fycooler 3 Sets Mini Potted Artificial Plants Indoors in Pots - Fake Plants Grass Greenery Faux Hops Plants for Office Desk Kitchen Bedroom Garden Indoor Outdoor Home and Room Decor - 28cm

Like the other Fycooler topiaries in this list, these faux trees are unique and vivid beauties. These hops trees come as a pack of three with varying colours that deliver class and colour to any setting from your home to the office or even your lawn.

Each of the three flower trees features a vertical height of 27 cm and are 12 cm wide. They also come with individual flower pots made from premium quality PE material and are filled with rock and foam. Covering each pot is an extra layer of artificial moss that provides the topiaries with a more natural finish.


  • Each tree is 27 cm tall and 12 cm wide
  • The set includes three topiary trees
  • Materials used include premium quality PE and plastic
  • Foam, rock and artificial moss layers in the pots  

Since these topiary trees are faux, they don’t need any special care or attention. The flowers feature safe plastic that is also durable to last years without fading. Take note that shipping may alter the trees’ shapes, and you may therefore have to adjust the branches to reinstate the initial form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I plant artificial topiary trees in planters or pots?

Planting artificial topiaries in planters or pots is pretty much straightforward. You need to pick the pot and fill it with pebbles, mud, sand, soil, rocks, or anything else you choose because it won’t matter.

After you finish filling the base, now place the artificial topiary tree inside it. Sometimes, however, topiary trees come with their planters.

What is the price range for artificial topiary trees?

The trees range from cheap options to mid-range and costly ones. However, cheap artificial topiary trees aren’t necessarily bad, and the highly-priced options aren’t obligatorily good.

Do artificial topiary trees maintain their colour under direct sunlight?

Some artificial topiaries feature UV-resistant materials and are primarily meant for an outdoor setting. They don’t usually lose their colour in the sun and are hence safe to utilise outdoors. So, if you don’t want your artificial topiary trees to lose colour, go for UV-resistant ones.

Do birds land on artificial topiary trees?

That depends on how realistic your artificial topiary trees look. If your topiaries are highly lifelike, they can even fool the birds to land on them and trick everyone around. However, you’ll need to be diligent in finding the right artificial topiary tree for that to happen.

Can I place artificial topiary trees in actual soil?

Of course, you can. If you don’t mind dealing with actual soil and mud, you can consider it. And since you won’t have to water the tree or attend to it, using actual soil won’t be a hassle.


Although some time back, artificial topiary trees were considered an unnecessary addition to businesses and homes, current advancements in technology and materials make sure that is no longer the case. Today, you will find artificial topiary trees, even in some of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants.

By now, I believe you have enough information on artificial trees since you know almost everything there is about them, including the best topiaries to pick from. You also understand why you need them and know how advantageous they are to their actual counterparts. 

Whether you intend to buy one or a few artificial topiary trees for decorating your office or a party, there shouldn’t be much of a problem in picking the best options to transform your setting.

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