Best Artificial Poppies In the UK

Best Artificial Poppies In the UK

There is nothing more indulging than walking into a room adorned with beautiful blooms. Nature can be rather emotive—easily arousing feelings of happiness and leaving our homes with sweet fragrances. 

But while we associate natural flowers with bringing life to our living spaces, this effect can also be achieved with a range of life-like, artificial flower displays. 

Also called fake, plastic, or faux flowers, artificial flowers, by definition, are simply imitations of the natural blooms. They are produced from various materials and fabrics such as papers, silk, clothes, plastic, and foam—moulded to replicate real flowers.

However, whereas some of us are yet to embrace them fully, we can’t deny the charm that artificial blooms bring in our lives; from lighting up our living rooms to making beautiful decorations and gifts.  

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about artificial flowers. We shall also reveal our best artificial poppies in the U.K. to help guide you through your buying journey. 

Why Choose Artificial Flowers Over Fresh Bouquet? Here Are 5 Reasons

Over the years, artificial flowers have evolved to imitate the real ones. From quality to colour and design, it’s hard now to distinguish them from a fresh bouquet. Yet, when given an idea of what artificial flowers are, most people imagine some kind of cheap, plastic, or leafy deceptions of the real thing. 

Of course, it goes without saying: nothing compares with freshly cut flowers. They are authentic and ooze pleasant fragrances.  

So, why should someone choose faux flowers over fresh ones? Here are 5 reasons why: 

#1. Artificial flowers are always in season

Despite your love for them, those colourful poppies; the hard-to-get peonies; or your favourite orchids, might not always be available all year round. This is one of the biggest disappointments that flower lovers face. 

On the other hand, artificial flowers are seasonless. Therefore, opting for them means you can enjoy their glamour without having to worry about what season it is.

In the end, you get to keep your household, or any special occasions looking stunning and exciting, all the time.

#2. Have a long lifespan

This is a no-brainer.

Since artificial flowers are made from materials such as papers, latex, or fabrics, it means they can last a lifetime. By extension, you don’t have to repurchase a new bunch every other week. 

With garden flowers, this is so not the case. Due to their perishable nature, fresh flowers require being replaced now and then, if you want to keep enjoying their fragrance. With that, comes high maintenance costs which are unlikely when you purchase faux flowers. 

Nothing is more economical than something with a superpower to last long. 

#3. Faux flowers are hypoallergenic

For allergic people, artificial flowers are lifesavers. This is because, unlike their counterparts, materials used to make them are allergy-friendly. Thus, they don’t have pollen—a fine powder found in the stamen of a flowering plant that is known to cause allergic reactions. 

You no longer have to admire the beauty of your favourite flowers from afar or leave your guests unhappy after they catch allergies. 

#4. Fake flowers are affordable and easy to maintain

Though beautiful and elegant, fresh flowers come with high price tags. A simple birthday party, for example, would involve a high budget for fresh flower displays, which might not be as fresh the next day. The sad thing is that you can’t even re-purpose them. 

Most faux flowers are budget-friendly, can be repurposed, and will leave an occasion or your home looking just as glorious as you intended. 

Additionally, they are easy to care for. Once you arrange them in a room, you no longer need to water, trim, or weed them—unlike live flowers in a pot. The only maintenance you do is occasional dusting. 

#5. They are good centrepieces that double as favours

Last but not least, artificial flower arrangements can serve double duties: As centrepieces to your event/occasion and as a wedding or party favours. Combining these two-party needs will save you both time and money. 

Also, this allows your guests to enjoy the occasion as well as relish the memories of taking something with them.  

Cleaning up after the party will also be easy since there will be very few things left to clean after the giveaways. 

What Are the Cons of Artificial Flowers?

As the saying goes, everything has its pros and cons. Now that we know the pros of artificial flowers, let’s look at some of the drawbacks associated with them:

  • They lack authenticity –  Since fake flowers are man-made, they don’t produce natural scents like their counterparts. Thus, they may not feel real.
  • Cleaning artificial flowers may be a lot of work, especially when you have a whole bunch of them.
  • Although their lifespan is long, fake blooms are prone to fading over time – Such a washed-out look will leave them unattractive, forcing you to get rid of them or replace them.
  • Unlike live flowers that actively clean the air, making fake flowers isn’t exactly eco-friendly. They also won’t improve the quality of air around you. 

Decorating with Artificial Flowers—The Dos and Don’ts

Before taking a step with artificial floral decorations, it’s essential to learn the best way to arrange them to make the most of your selections. The last thing you want is to leave a bad impression just because you overplayed your hand or mixed colours that don’t match.

Here are some suggestions to help you with your decorations. 


  • Be bold and play with colours – Try some greenery decorations in the bathroom, some orchids in a reception area, or think red poppies in the dining room to bring out a little drama.
  • When buying artificial flowers, always go for quality – High-quality flowers are more likely to bring out realism, therefore impressive.
  • If your flowers get dusty, do a quick clean-up with a hairdryer in a cool setting, or you can use a feather duster to get them looking all fresh again. 
  • Be creative – Some flowers work well when placed in certain areas of the house. For instance, a large display of white lilies would do well when placed in your hallway to make an impact at the entrance. Also, the size of the display is important. For smaller tables, smaller arrangements would make for a perfect display while large centrepieces are more useful while placed on large tables. 
  • Ask for help when decorating – Talk to a florist or someone with an eye for design to help you with your flower arrangements. 


  • Don’t overdo it – While you might be tempted to crowd your room with artificial flowers, try not mixing them up so much. Otherwise, you might end up achieving the opposite effect with your display. 
  • Although faux flowers might not be alive, don’t place them near heat or facing direct sunlight for too long. Heat can cause them to deform or fade quickly.
  • Don’t wash your flowers too frequently.
  • If you are moving, or you have to transport them, don’t squeeze them with other stuff. Rather, handle them with care to avoid deformity. 

A Buyer’s Guide for Artificial Flowers: What You Should Consider Before Making an Order

With so many varieties in the market to choose from, buying artificial flowers can be unnerving. After all, you wouldn’t want to decorate your wedding with flowers that symbolize death.

So, how do you determine the right floral arrangement to go for before you make a purchase? Consider the following tips:

Type of flowers

The first consideration is to determine the types of faux flowers that you want. Are you going for traditional flowers like roses, one type arrangements, or do you want exotic kinds like orchids? 

Knowing what kind of flowers you want will help you narrow down on what to order. 

Size of arrangement

When buying artificial blooms, spare a thought to the size of flower stems that come with different flowers. Some flower designs only include just a single stem, which means if you want to get a fuller bouquet you would have to buy several. This might in turn become costly, exclusively if you need a large bunch.

Also, look for flowers with several flower heads, pistils, or foliage as this will make the flowers look more realistic.


Another deciding factor is why you are buying them. Or rather, the occasion that you want to decorate with the flowers. This will guide you towards knowing exactly what you should go for. Some common reasons why people purchase artificial flowers include:

  • Weddings
  • Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or big milestones in life
  • Sympathy, funerals, or Remembrance Days
  • For office or home decorations
  • Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentines


Often, the type of colour(s) you choose is dependent on the occasion—but when you want to send a specific message, then here is what each flower pigment means:

  • Pink – Kindness, new or growing romance, femininity
  • Red – Passion, desire, love, respect, courage
  • White – Purity, sympathy, innocence, simplicity
  • Green – Renewal, health, youth, vitality
  • Yellow – Happiness, friendship, positivity
  • Purple – Empowerment, leadership, admiration
  • Blue – Healing, relaxation, calming effect
  • Orange – Motivation, congratulations, enthusiasm


Today, most of the customer complaints related to flowers are about disappointing delivery services. Therefore, before you decide to make an order make sure you confirm the following: 

  • Does the vendor say they deliver to the intended addresses? 
  • How fast are they and can they deliver the flowers on the day or the time you want? 
  • Do they also deliver on holidays?

Checking the above information before making a purchase will give you a rough idea of what to expect from a seller and help you avoid any inconveniences as far as deliveries are concerned. 

Best Artificial Poppies: Our Top 5 Picks

Poppy flowers come in multiple forms—both cultivated and wild, often have a red pigment, and have delicately crumpled petals. The blooms naturally have a diameter of between 2 and 20 cm. 

When it comes to artificial poppies, such are the qualities you should probably focus on. This way, in as much as you have virtual flowers, they still can give you a touch of realism.

These blooms have long been used to symbolize sleep and death, and they are most famous on Remembrance Day. However, you can use them for other purposes such as decorating your living space or as a gift to someone. 

With the above information in mind, we scoured the internet and read hundreds of customer reviews, after which we came up with a list of our top 5 most popular artificial poppies in the U.K.

Our picks were based on the following criteria:

  • Pricing
  • Popularity
  • Rapid delivery times
  • Style and design
  • Good packaging

To go straight to a specific review, simply click on the link above that corresponds to the item you’d like to read about.

10 x Artificial Red 45cm Poppy Flowers

Product Description

These quality Artificial Poppy Flower Stems with beautiful red flower heads are as realistic as the real blooms. But unlike natural poppies, these ones won’t wilt or die and will last for as long as you need them. 

The flower stems are paired with dark green foliages, combining elegance and realism to brighten any occasion. You can use these poppies as visual displays around your house, working space, or simply for memorial day.

The good news is that one arrangement of these poppies is large enough to stand alone in a vase and still make a perfect floral display—as shown in the picture.

Main Features:

  • A pack of 10 artificial poppy flower stems
  • Each stem has four red flower heads
  • Artificial red poppy stem approx 45cm long
  • Stems include dark green foliage
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorations 

NB: No vase included

Why We Picked This Item

Red and beautiful, this bunch of 10 artificial poppy flowers really stood out for us as our top pick. For starters, the bunch is one of the most recommended poppy flowers on Amazon, boasting hundreds of customer reviews—most of whom remain extremely pleased. 

Also, while on the surface the flowers may seem a bit pricey, that price is for a pack of 10 quality poppy stems. This is definitely an excellent buy for any flower lover. 

Wild Meadow Poppy Spray Silk Flower Stem with 4 Heads Quality Artificial Flowers In Red

Product Description

Whether it’s your home, office, or a special occasion, this Wild Meadow Poppy Spray with four silk heads will surely create a magical effect for any space. 

The spray is exactly just like the real flower, completed with plenty of green foliage to complement the design. In addition, it has a long stem, enough to fit into a glass bottle or a long vase.

The flowers are available in four distinct colours and blend well in bunches of two or more, that contain a mix of diverse colours. 

Main Features:

  • Four silk heads and green stem with adjustable foliages
  • Wild poppy flower stems with an approximate height of 45cm
  • Available in four natural distinct colours: red, orange, green, and white
  • Each silk poppy head has a diameter of 5.5cm
  • Everlasting, low maintenance flower stems—great for outdoor or indoor visual displays

Why We Picked This Item

Upon reviewing this item, it probably made it on this list for two main reasons: price and quality. The poppy spray is offered at a very affordable price and the quality is top-notch. 

Many buyers of this item have expressed great satisfaction, with a lot of them appreciating how lovely and realistic the bunch looks. The only downside with this item is that you would be required to buy a few bunches to make a good bouquet. 

Artificial Red & Black 9 Stem Poppies

Product Description

Beautiful, yet delicate in nature, this red and black artificial poppy with 9 flower heads is a breeze to arrange. Its pleasant design and alluring tones make it a great floral display for both indoor and outdoor decors. 

The red and black flower heads stand out against green leaves, creating a soft and lovely life-like appearance. Moreover, with a stem of about 41cm, it makes a perfect fit for a long vase and would be a great stand-alone flower arrangement.

You can use it to brighten your room; for church decors; Remembrance Day services; or even as a window display for your shop. 

Main Features

  • 9 individual stems coated with wire
  • Each stem measures approximately 41cm in height
  • Red and black flower heads with a diameter of between 8 to 10cm
  • Stems include green foliages
  • Perfect for floral craft

Why We Picked This Item

We have picked this item for several reasons. First, for as low as £5.99, we think that it’s considerably affordable for any buyer. 

Second, delivery time is fast and accurate, leaving most customers very pleased with the manufacturer; overall it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Additionally, while the flower is just a single spray with 9 stems, what grabbed our attention the most is the fact that you can craft it to make a poppy wreath just to suit your style. How cool is that?

A1-Homes 2 x 38cm Artificial Silk Red Poppy bush - 8 large flower heads each - Home/cottage GArden Grave

Honour the memories of a loved one—or pay a long-lasting tribute to our fallen soldiers and heroes—with this silk artificial poppy bush made with 8 large flower heads. The bloom has red flower heads complemented by life-like dark-green leaves that look as natural as the real flower. 

These silk artificial poppy bushes are very popular during Remembrance Sundays, which marks a big day for Britons as they commemorate British service members who died during World War I and other military wars. They are also ideal for brightening up a room or making your living space more colourful, even with a small floral display.

Main Features:

  • 2x Artificial silk red poppy bush with 8 large flower heads
  • Each flower head is completed with dark green foliages
  • Poppy flower with a stem of approximately 38cm in height
  • Red poppy heads with an average diameter of 10cm each
  • Flexible poppy heads that can be used individually—best for bringing summer into your home

Why We Picked This Item

With a price tag for two, this bunch is one of the most affordable flowers in the market. On top of that, the seller has a free Prime delivery policy, which might not be available with other vendors. 

The poppy bushes are of great quality as demonstrated by customers on their reviews. Overall, we think the blooms are great value for money.

Bagari 3x Beautiful Artificial Silk Red Poppy bush - 5 Heads each with Foliage - Home/cottage GArden Grave

This Artificial Silk Red Poppy bush comes in 3 bunches, each with 5 poppy heads making it a super spray for any occasion. The flowers are beautiful and wild with vibrant colours and rarely do they fade away even when used outdoors. 

Stems in each poppy bush look natural and are attached with green foliages for realism. The flower heads are red in colour with the centre painted yellow and green—thus creating a unique design different from true poppies. 

The sprays are great for crafts, parties, home decors and would also make a good wreath at a memorial service.

Main Features

  • 3 stalks each with 5 poppy heads
  • Red flower heads complemented with green foliages
  • Uniquely designed poppy heads with a centre painted yellow and green
  • Everlasting sprays with a long life-span for outdoor display

Why We Picked This Item

Well-priced and highly rated, it makes perfect sense why these beautiful poppy stems are also top of Amazon’s choice. The flowers are readily available for shipment and will arrive on time for any occasion.

However, the quality is substandard and they look cheap up close—but perhaps this can be justified by the price (£7.25 for 3 large poppy bushes). 

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