Best Artificial Trees for Indoors

Best Artificial Trees for Indoors

Everyone enjoys a bit of green in their homes, and despite the best intentions, live plants tend to die. Luckily, artificial trees are now an excellent option for many people who cannot look after live plants but still want to spruce up their homes.

When you some of the best artificial trees for indoors, you won’t have to worry about them dying after a short while. Artificial can live for years and come in numerous designs and inspirations.

Now you can rest easy knowing your home decoration is always on point. Artificial trees are the perfect alternatives to live plants as they require almost no maintenance, and they remain the same size always. You will never have to worry about changing pots or taking them outside because they’ve outgrown their current spaces.

Typically, all you need to do is decide on the sizes you want, place an order, and determine where each plant goes in your home. We’ve rounded up some of the best artificial trees for indoors available for the UK market, all of which will help revamp your home and give it that touch of nature.

But first, here are some tips that will come in handy as you purchase and maintain artificial trees for your house.

5 Tips to Purchasing and Maintaining Artificial Trees

1. Size planning comes before purchasing

Whether it’s simple green trees to decorate the home or a Christmas tree, artificial trees require prior planning before you buy them. If you’re new to them, a quick search will reveal all manner of sizes available online for purchasing.

Therefore, it’s crucial first to note where each tree will going in the house. After that, you must note the right size for each space. You don’t want to end up with a tall tree when you have a low ceiling.

2. Kinds of materials

What materials are most trees made from to suit indoor decor? Are you allergic to any materials, and would you need to avoid them? Buying the best artificial trees for indoors requires extra care and attention.

You’ll want to avoid anything that you’re allergic to or can cause harm due to substances like BPA.

3. Shape and design

Having a plan for your interior decoration makes it easy to pick out the right trees for each space in your home. Make a list of all the changes you want to make and choose trees according to certain designs and shapes.

You can research them online and try to visualize where each will go. That way, after you buy them, it’s easy to set them up.

4. Add some fragrance

While the best artificial trees for indoors are a good option when you don’t have time to maintain real ones, they don’t have to smell fake. A neat treat is to tuck in a fragrance stick inside the branches, and it will fill the area with a whiff of the woods.

5. Unique tree stands

No one has to realize the trees are fake, but that’s easier said than done, especially when the stand is exposed. As you buy the tree, check out some cool stands to go along with each purchase. Another neat trick to implement is placing the tree inside a woven basket to give it a more natural look.

9 Best Artificial Trees for Indoors

Outsunny 6ft Artificial Bamboo Tree Plant Greenary in A Pot for Home Office Planter 1.8M

Here is an example of a realistic artificial bamboo tree that suits any home or office, depending on your needs. It’s made out of safe PE material, giving it a sturdy and durable appearance. The plant comes with a planter, and all the branches are flexible enough to allow individualistic arrangements in your space.


  • Brand: Outsunny
  • Weight: 5.7kgs
  • Material: PE & Cement
  • Height: 6ft
  • Colour: Green Bamboo
  • 1105 leaves and 6 stems
  • It comes in a black plant pot

The artificial bamboo tree suits spaces that require narrow and tall artificial trees without much broad foliage to decorate. It’s crucial to note that each plant pot has anti-slip feet while the plant has an anti-toppling device as part of its safety measures.

HOMESCAPES Mini Palm Tree Artificial Plant Tropical Office Conservatory Indoor Plant Green 100 cm /3 ft with Black Pot

The mini palm Tree from Homescapes is 1m tall and suits an indoor decoration for home or office spaces. It comes with a pot and looks realistic enough without the hustle of maintaining a live plant.

The plant is made out of long-lasting synthetic material and has a moss base that looks like the real thing. There are two trunks covered in a husk and 15 branches with real-looking leaves.


  • Brand: Homescapes
  • Weight: 2.52kgs
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Height: 100cm
  • Width: 85cm
  • Color: Green Palm
  • It has 15 branches
  • It’s in a black plant pot

The plant leaves and branches use quality UV-resistant material making them easy to place around your space. They can be set up anywhere without worrying about discoloration due to sun exposure. All the tree needs is a little wiping with a damp cloth when it gathers dust.

Leaf LEAF-7369 150cm Trunk Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Style Tree, Twisted Large Ficus, (5ft)

The artificial Japanese Fruticosa has a height of 150cm and a width of 65cm, coupled with realistic foliage that adds to home or office décor. At its base is a black plastic pot. Each stem is customizable and can take any shape according to your preference for immediate display after unboxing.


  • Brand: Leaf
  • Weight: 5.87kgs
  • Height: 150cm
  • Width: 65cm
  • Colour: Green Fruticosa
  • Plant comes in a black plant pot

It’s ideal for open spaces that need a touch of green and woodiness to spruce up the indoor decorations. The impressive design is from Leaf, which is a UK-based company.

Tradala 3’11" Lush Artificial Tree in White Pot - Ficus 120cm / 3ft 11" Tall with Real Wood Trunk - For Home Living Room Indoors

Add a touch of elegance to the indoors with this Tradala artificial tree in elegant looking white pot. The tree has a real wood trunk and dense foliage of artificial leaves at the top, giving it a more realistic look. It measures 120cm in height and comes wrapped with bubble wrap inside a sturdy cardboard box.


  • Brand: Tradala Artificial Trees
  • Height: 120cm
  • Colour: Green
  • It has a real wood trunk
  • Plant comes inside a white plant pot

The tree is lightweight and easy to move around as you determine the best place for it. Additionally, it’s free of any fragrances. It has a higher leaf count and can be placed anywhere without worrying about elements like light and temperature.

momoplant 90cm Artificial Potted Cedar Pine Cypress Conifer Tree for Indoor Outdoor Decor, 2 PACK

Momoplant 3ft Artificial Topiary Cedar Trees for Outdoors Artificial Cypress Spiral Trees

Bring a touch of the woods in your indoor spaces with these twin 3ft artificial cedar trees that resemble the real thing in every way. They exemplify a simplistic beauty that can enhance indoor decoration without needing too much maintenance. You can place it anywhere in your home or office at any time of the year.


  • Brand: Momoplant
  • Weight: 5.75kgs
  • Height: 90cm
  • You get 2 plants in a set
  • Colour: Green
  • It comes in a grey plant pot

As you order, you’ll get two plants that come in a grey plastic plant pot. The plant uses quality plastic material that’s durable and easy to clean. You can place it anywhere, and it doesn’t need watering, fertilizing, or pruning. It maintains the colour no matter the season.

INMOZATA Pair of Artificial Topiary Swirl Trees Boxwood Spiral Trees Plant 4t/120cm High for Garden Indoors Outdoor

Another of the best artificial trees for indoors is the INMOZATA topiary swirl tree, aesthetically pleasing due to its unique design. The tree has a spiral design and measures 120cm in height. Its design is accurate to the real thing, and it uses the best materials and the latest technology.


  • Brand: INMOZATA
  • Weight: 14.5kgs
  • Height: 120cm
  • 2 plants in a set
  • Colour: Green
  • It comes in a woody plant pot

It’s UV-resistant and, therefore, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You won’t have to worry about it losing colour after a while due to direct sunlight exposure.

GreenBrokers Premium Artificial Wisteria 150cm/5ft Potted Plant, Lilac Tree 5ft, 150cm

A tree with purple flowers is the right mix for indoor decoration. The advantage is that you won’t have to worry about the flowers dying. This beautiful artificial lilac wisteria tree measures 150cm and comes in a black, plastic plant pot.


  • Brand: GreenBrokers
  • Weight: 5.04kgs
  • Height: 150cm
  • It’s a tree with purple flowers
  • Colour: Green and purple
  • It comes in a Black plant pot

The good news is that you can place these artificial trees in a conservatory, given that all the foliage, including the purple flowers, is UV-resistant. There’ll be no discolouration after a long period.

It comes in a cardboard carton that offers maximum protection during delivery. Once you unbox it, fluff the foliage for it to regain its dazzling shape.

Dawsons Living Monstera Fern Palm Tree - Artificial Indoor and Outdoor Plant with Pot - 80cm

When it comes to the best artificial trees for indoors with impressive aesthetics, this Dawsons Living Monstera Fern is right up there with them. Its realistic design makes it easy to confuse a living plant even though it’s made out of hard plastic material.

The plant is 80cm tall and has large monstera replica leaves. You can also get another version of the same plant that’s around 48cm and 110cm in height.


  • Brand: Dawsons Living
  • Weight: 2kgs
  • Height: 80cm
  • It has large realistic leaves
  • Colour: Green
  • It comes in a Black plant pot
  • It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use

There’s no cement inside the plastic black plant pot, making the whole plant lightweight and portable.

BISEN 2 X Artificial Faux Bay Laurel Tree (120c, 4ft) Pair of Tree with Pots Natural Real Wood Trunk and Leaves Garden Indoor Outdoor Plants Ornaments Premium Quality Appearance

BISEN 2x Artificial Faux Bay Laurel Tree- Pair of Trees with Pots- Natural Real Wood Trunk

Here is another impressive pair of artificial BISEN faux trees suitable for indoor decoration thanks to their evergreen colour. Each tree is 4 feet tall and has an impressive ball of leaves at the top with a diameter of 45cm. The leaves are attached to a wooden stem on the tree placed in a durable plastic pot.


  • Brand: BISEN
  • Weight: 2kgs
  • Height: 120cm
  • It has a ball of leaves at the top
  • Colour: Green
  • It comes in a dark purple plant pot

The manufacturer has a 30-day return policy in place if the artificial plant doesn’t meet your standards.

The Best Artificial Trees For Indoors FAQs

Artificial trees are a great way to add a bit of greenery to your home or office decoration since they suit indoor spaces. As you sift through the options, here are some answers to some questions that often come up:

What should I look for when purchasing an artificial tree for indoor use?

When buying an artificial tree, there are several points you must keep in mind at all times to make the process less strenuous:

  • Price

What is your current budget, or how much are you willing to spend on artificial trees? The amount of money you’re willing to spend will help narrow down the search for the best trees for your home or office.

  • Material

Many artificial trees use PE or synthetic materials that are sturdy and durable. Pick the type you like and go from there.

  • Height

How tall do you want the tree to be? Start by noting the places you want to have the artificial trees, then measure the right height. This will help you search for the best trees online since they all have specified heights in the description.

  • Pot Colour

Many artificial trees come in ready-made plastic pots, making them easy to unbox and display immediately. Determine the colour of pot you want and pick from those available.

  • Type of Foliage

Types of foliage vary even on artificial trees. You can get large, medium, small, or pin-like leaves on the plant, including different kinds of stems and trunks available.

What is the lifespan of an artificial tree?

Unlike real plants, which are vulnerable to weather, temperature, and other factors, artificial trees are exceptionally durable. You can have the tree for up to a decade or so, even though most have a lifespan of up to 6 years.

Do artificial trees decompose?

Artificial trees do decompose, and this process takes about five years to complete. According to the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), artificial trees have less carbon footprint in 5 years compared to 5 real trees.

Are Artificial Trees Harmful to my Health?

Many artificial trees use plastic which isn’t the best material in the world when it comes to health and well-being. Plastic is known to start leaching out of the plant after some time and end up in the air, the same air that you breathe.

How Adaptive to Interior Deco are Artificial Trees?

A while back, many people considered artificial trees tacky. But with advancements in technology, design, and manufacturing, it’s now harder to tell the real trees from the fake ones. Artificial trees’ realistic nature makes them more adaptive to the interior decor for your home or office.

Are artificial plants good for your home?

Yes, they are, but you have to minimize their numbers. Having one, two, or three plants can do wonders for your interior decoration. However, having too many artificial trees can interfere with room aesthetics.

Do artificial trees attract bugs?

No, they don’t, but it’s best to take more measures to prevent this. You can choose to rub bug repellent on the trees when cleaning. Also, check the crevices of the plant and pot often to see if any bugs have moved in.

Do artificial trees catch fire?

Yes, they do, even if the manufacturer states they’re flame-resistant. Everything burns eventually, including artificial trees. Therefore, it’s crucial to take all the necessary measures to prevent any fire outbreaks in your home or office.

For starters, keep the plant away from direct sunlight that can cause a spark. Also, check if the plant is near any sockets and move it.

Do artificial trees need regular maintenance?

No, they don’t. Unlike real trees that need regular pruning, watering, and fertilizing, artificial trees require less maintenance. All you need to do is pass a wiping cloth on the leaves, branches, stem, and pot once in a while to remove dust. Additionally, you can purchase a feather duster that’s more suitable for the task.

Do artificial trees come in planters?

Yes, most artificial plants come in plastic pots of varying colours and sizes. The most common is black, but you can also get white and grey.

Are artificial trees UV resistant?

Not all artificial trees are UV-resistant which is crucial to note as you determine where each goes in your space. You can put the UV-resistant ones in sunny places while the rest stay away from these areas to avoid discoloration.

In Conclusion

All the artificial trees in this list meet set standards for durability and promoting aesthetics. You’ll enjoy the diversity and realistic designs that make them more suitable for interior decoration.

Besides, the best artificial trees for indoors often have the ideal heights, and you won’t have to worry about repotting or moving them at any point due to rapid growth. They are also made out of top-quality materials and only require dusting or wiping.

Finally, you must survey your interior before making any purchases as this will help you pick out the best artificial trees that suit your indoor spaces.

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