Best Artificial Outdoor Plants

Best Artificial Outdoor Plants

Landscaping can be and time-consuming. And despite all the effort you put up to grow your live plants, they can still, well, just die on you, and you would have to start over. However, even if you don’t have gardening skills coursing through your veins, you can still recreate a serene, exotic look and feel in any space without having to grow live plants.

The good news is that you can still transform any outdoor space into a welcoming oasis without the hassle of caring for plants. With a wide variety of the best artificial outdoor plants now available in the UK market, you can still transform your outdoor area into the envy of the neighbourhood. 

You’ll never have to worry about watering the plants or your curious kitty wreaking havoc on your live plants. Just a little dusting will do, and you’ll have a beautiful year-round landscape that will fool even the keenest of eyes.

But before we dive into our picks of the best artificial outdoor plants, here’s a quick buying guide on what to look out for before you order your preferred plants.

Buying Guide and What to Look Out For Before You Make That Purchase

Artificial plants have come a long way, and they now look great in many outdoor spaces, including lobbies, poolsides, balconies, walkways, entrance areas, and even gardens. They add a fresh, new feel to your outdoors with a minimum of effort. 

Here are a few tips to consider before purchasing your faux plants:

Only Purchase High-quality Varieties

If you are going to buy artificial plants, then you must only purchase top-quality plants. Only the very best artificial plants can trick your visitors into believing they are actual plants. You may have to spend a little more money, but it will be nothing close to what it might cost to buy and care for a real plant. 

Buy plants with more realistic features such as stems, leaves, or foliage. They must have some imperfections, just like their real counterparts. At any rate, top-quality plants will last longer and provide that lush green scenery for far much longer than poor quality ones. 

Select Botanically Correct Plants

You’ll want to scrutinize the artificial plants before you buy them and ensure they mimic the look of their real counterparts in detail. Check every detail, from root sheaths, simulated veins, colour gradations, and the usual imperfections that can always be observed in live plants. 

Stay away from artificial plants with overly fake details such as phoney rain droplets, glossy finishes, exaggerated colouration, and other unrealistic features that scream ‘fake’ at anyone who looks at them. For starters, ensure you are familiar with the features of the live plants you are interested in before heading out to look for their artificial equivalents. Check everything, from the leaves, the stems, the trunks, and any other unique details.

Avoid Plants Which Have a Perfect Symmetry

Nothing stirs our doubts like exaggerated perfection. A perfectly symmetrical fake plant automatically announces itself as fake. Ensure the leaves, the foliage, and the distribution of branches aren’t too perfect. And if it is, you will want to remove or rearrange the leaves to make them a little more asymmetrical.

Plastic Vs. Fabric 

Many artificial these days are made out of plastic and fabric, and thanks to tech advances, they look incredibly real. Even birds are sometimes fooled into thinking they are real and even go-ahead to build nests. 

Artificial plants made out of fabric such as silk are more prone to wear and tear than the ones made out of plastic. While some of them can look quite realistic, others look incredibly fake. They also tend to fray on the edges or get bleached out by the sun when left outdoors for long. Therefore, we recommend plastic varieties that don’t fray and look fresh for far much longer.

Our Best Artificial Outdoor Plant Choices

Jobary Set of 3 Artificial Plants in Grey Pots, Small Decorative Faux Plastic Artificial Plants Indoors, Lifelike Fake Plant for Home Office Bathroom Kitchen and Outdoor Decor

 First on the list is this gorgeous set of three faux Aloe plants placed in unique pots made of environmentally-friendly compressed pulp. Therefore, the first thing you’ll want to do is to avoid soaking the pots in water for too long or leaving them out in soaking rain.

Thanks to the premium materials, these plants look incredibly lifelike and would bring that tropical vibe to your outdoor spaces. Your visitors would have to pick them up or feel theme with their hands to realize that they are faux plants.

These decorative faux plants have a natural, green colour, and they can both brighten the room and also provide relaxation. They are about 33 cm long, 11 cm wide, 13 cm high, and weigh around 250 grams each. So they are super easy to move around, and they blend in quite well with live plants.

Since they are made out of high-quality plastic material, you’ll just need to clean the leaves and stems for dust occasionally, and they will remain fresh-looking throughout the year. Therefore, they would be a charming gift to a loved one.

Aisamco Artificial Tropical Palm Leaf Bush Artificial plant in Green 1 Pcs Plastic Areca Palm Plant 6 Leaves 29.5" Tall for Tropical Greenery Accent Floral Home Office Decoration

Bring a tropical touch to your overall outdoor floral arrangement with this beautiful faux palm. It can act as a perfect complement to your other flowers and lush greenery to bring a modern flair to your outdoor spaces and bring a bit of pop to those boring corners.

This Areca palm faux plant comes as a package of six stems per bush with a height of around 35 inches. The realistic green colour creates a fantasy garden charm that will bring an exotic touch and serene look to any outdoor space.

It’s made out of high-quality plastic material, while the stem is made out of polyester, covering a bendable wire for you to shape it any way you like. The stems may be bent to a certain degree when you get the package, but you can always reshape it to the desired shape. This makes it perfect for DIY enthusiasts or if you just want to completely customize it. Consider purchasing two or more bunches if they look too sparse. 

HOMESCAPES - 6 Feet Ficus Tree - Green - Real Wood Stems and Lifelike Leaves Replica Artificial Plant

This tall, artificial ficus tree from HOMESCAPES would bring a serene and classy atmosphere in your walkways, balcony, or just about any other outdoor space. It’s 170 cm tall and has real wood, with twisted stems and incredibly lifelike leaves made out of silk polyester. 

The high leaf count and the real wood stems will make it practically indistinguishable from the real thing. You can carefully manipulate the leaves and branches or just spread them into your desired size or shape. The fact that the plant is handcrafted means you can have that desired imperfect look for each plant that will fool all your visitors. 

It comes in a standard plastic pot, but it’s always best to pot the plant in a decorative planter that matches your other pots or matches with your interior décor scheme. HOMESCAPES recommends that you keep the plant away from direct sunlight for long hours and that you regularly dust it with a cloth to preserve a fresh, realistic look.

Leaf 100cm Large Fox's Aglaonema (Spotted Evergreen) Tree Artificial Plant, Mixed Materials, Green

Next on the list of the best artificial outdoor plants is this striking replica of a spotted evergreen. It stands at a height of up to 100 cm and with incredibly realistic and botanically correct leaves and stems that spreading out naturally.

And the stems are made out of wires so that you can manipulate each plant to your desired shape, style and size. The real-life spotted evergreen is one of the most beautiful large-life plants for both outdoors and indoors, so you can expect the same fantastic, green look from the artificial version as well.

To achieve a natural curve and look, take some time to dress out the leaves and check out the plants from different angles as you make little tweaks until you are satisfied. If you are having trouble with this, get a photograph of a real spotted evergreen and try to replicate the look with your artificial plant.

Closer2Nature Artificial 4ft Swiss Cheese Plant, P105W

This beautiful, 4ft artificial Swiss Cheese plant has large, two-toned, and botanically-accurate leaves that will fool everyone. And they will last quite long since the plant is made out of quality, UV-resistant materials. The leaves, particularly, are sprayed with a special UV-resistant that will make them more durable and preserve a fresh, green look throughout the seasons.

The plant weighs only 4.5 kilos and has an approximate width of 48 cm when dressed. Therefore, you can easily move it around your outdoor spaces or position it in those dull corners where a live plant wouldn’t thrive.

JustYit Pack of 2 Artificial Ivy Simulation Violet Flower 700mm Hanging Garland Vine Flower Office Decoration Home Decoration Party Decoration Wedding Decoration-White

Next on the list is this gorgeous trailing simulation violet flower. It comes as a pack of two fresh-looking decorations for your balcony, your yard, or for your garden wall. In fact, it’s a perfect decoration for your outdoor activities such as parties, weddings, and all kinds of celebrations you could have in your outdoor spaces.

As the name suggests, this plant is a striking simulation of the beautiful violet flower and will be practically indistinguishable from the real thing with its nice, lifelike appearance. It’s available in four colours; white, pink, purple, and yellow. 

It’s delicately hand-crafted with sunscreen and waterproof features, which means it won’t lose its freshness and pop colour. It’s also 100% non-toxic and is super easy to assemble and disassemble in case you want to transport it to a different location. 

A pack of two weighs around 190 grams and is 70 cm long and 20 cm wide. Therefore, you can place them in tight spaces or just about anywhere in your garden, balcony, or yard. 

Closer2Nature Artificial 5ft Areca Palm Tree - Artificial Silk Plant and Tree Range

Consider getting this replica of the exotic Areca Palm tree to pretty up your outdoors. It stands 5 ft tall and has super-realistic and charming lush foliage that would instantly bring that exotic look to your outdoor space.

It’s made out of the finest materials and some of the most advanced techniques, including UV resistance, to ensure a lasting, consistent look. This, however, doesn’t take anything away from its botanical accuracy and realistic presentation. With a little branch and foliage shaping, it will provide a highly realistic look that includes its impressive green fronds and accurate colouration. 

We recommend protecting this plant from extreme weather conditions such as frost, storms, heavy rainfall, or strong winds. Set it on sheltered areas since consistent exposure to rough weather conditions may lead to damage. 

FUJIE 2 Pcs Artificial Ivy Vine Artificial Plants Fake Ivy Hanging Garland Trailing Bracket plant for Outdoor Indoor Hanging Basket Decor

Do you want to bring some vibrant colour to your outdoor spaces without the hassle of nurturing real plants? Then you should consider this artificial Ivy vine that will add a beautiful mix of botanically-correct colours to your outdoor situations, from the office to your own home. 

It’s made out of non-toxic, high-quality plastic with UV resistance qualities. Therefore, the plant is designed for prolonged use since it can withstand all harsh outdoor weather conditions. All you need is a minimal amount of maintenance which basically involves wiping off dust or dirt with a damp cloth. 

The package comes with two pieces of faux plants that are approximately 78 cm in length and weigh around 200 grams. You can now enjoy the bold, vibrant natural colours without the huge cost and the agonizing time it takes to grow the real equivalents.

Outsunny 90cm/3FT Artificial Rose Tree, Fake Decorative Plant with Pot, Indoor Outdoor Faux Decoration Home Office Décor, White

The Rose tree is a garden classic, perhaps due to its colourful aura that can brighten and liven up any space. This replica equally doesn’t disappoint. It comes in a voluptuous, colourful design that features 350 leaves and 21 flowers.

This artificial Rose tree plant looks and feels quite real, and you will be suitably impressed. It comes with beautiful, realistic flowers, an extremely realistic trunk, and a nursery pot filled with grass-looking cement for that strong, lifelike finish to ensure it stands firmly in place. It even comes with moss to further conceal its artificial qualities. 

With a height of 90 cm and a width (spread) of around 18 cm, it’s a perfect decoration that will breathe life into dull, open, outdoor spaces such as offices, commercial premises, or even yards. And while the plant is extremely lifelike, it’s made out of beautiful, durable plastic and will hardly require any maintenance. A little cleaning with a damp cloth is just about it to maintain a colourful aura.

Leaf LEAF-7074 90cm Dracaena Large Green Artificial Dragon Plant Tree, Pot - Plastic, Variegated

If you know anything about Dracaenas, then you may probably know that they are a great option when you are looking to add a bold splash of texture and exotic look to any space. Therefore, this large, extremely lifelike faux Dracaena will produce the same effect, without the hassle of having to grow and care for it.

This replica is a large and bushy plant that’s about 90 cm tall and comes in a ready to display black, moss-covered pot. You can still place it in a larger planter if you wish, and it wouldn’t take anything away from its stunning lifelike look.

The leaves have a natural, variegated colour and are all wired and connected to a single stem so you can bend or shape them to any desired look. 

Of course, there’s a wide variety of artificial plants to choose from. But these are our top picks for what we think are the best artificial outdoor plants. 

Here are some more tips on how to use artificial plants to decorate your outdoor spaces:


How to Make Your Artificial Outdoor Plants Look Real

While many artificial plants now look incredibly lifelike and are made out of high-grade and durable materials, you’ll need to take some time to dress out the leaves and make minor adjustments if you want them to look ultra-real. 

Many of the varieties that come with wired leaves and stems that often allow for these changes. Are you worried that your visitors will instantly spot your artificial plants as soon as they lay eyes on them? Here’s what you can do to make your plants look more realistic:

  1. After unpacking your plant, set it on a flat surface to establish how many adjustments you’ll have to make. Some plants may seem deformed when you unpack them, but with a little bending and straightening, they will become more lifelike.
  2. Carefully unroll any folded leaves, beginning at the bottom as you work your way up. If you are uncertain how the leaves should look, get a photograph of the real plant and compare. 
  3. Carefully look at the plant from all possible angles to ensure you don’t have any gaps and the plant is ready to be potted.
  4. Place your artificial plant inside your desired pot or a large planter, then add soil, cement, gravel, or mulch to give it that extra-realistic finish
  5. If you already have some live plants, mixing them up with your artificial flowers will create a collective, realistic plant environment. Your artificial plants will blend in and will be almost unrecognizable as faux plants.
  6. Add a touch of nature to your artificial plants to distract people’s eyes from the plant. Natural elements such as real soil, gravel, sand, rocks, moss, or even a beautiful planter will provide a hint of realism that will fool the eye. 
  7. Artificial plants can come with either plastic trunks or real wood trunks. If you have both options, always go with the wood trunk varieties. While the plastic trunks can have a unique, rustic look, the wood versions have more detail and a better chance of fooling the eye.
  8. Artificial plants can pick up dust or dirt, which can interfere with their overall look. A dusty, dull-looking plant is a dead giveaway. Luckily, artificial plants only need dusting with a damp piece of cloth to maintain their fresh look. Therefore, if you do nothing else to care for your artificial plant, at least wipe it down on a regular basis.
  9. While some artificial plants have UV-resistant qualities and can generally withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions, the best option is to limit exposure to such elements. Too much exposure to the sun, for instance, can lead to fading of colours. Display your plants where they can get a shade or, alternatively, turn them plant around so that any fading will be spread across the whole plant rather than one side, which will be a dead giveaway.

The main idea here is to try and treat your artificial plant as if it were a real plant. That means you’ll have to ditch that generic planter or poor-quality vase and consider more attractive alternatives. 



Artificial plants are more realistic than ever before. This, of course, is due to the technological advances and the kind of material used. But it may also have to do with the fact that many popular real plants such as succulents already look fake. Therefore, many people can hardly distinguish the highest quality artificial plants from the real ones, unless they have a careful look.

A few years ago, many people would have immediately given artificial plants a hard pass and a resounding no. But things have changed, and the best artificial outdoor plants now look super realistic.

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