Best Artificial Bathroom Plants

Best Artificial Bathroom Plants

There is no doubt that artificial plants can transform your house. It doesn’t matter whether it is a living room, outdoors, or a dining area. When the plants are made out of quality materials, one can easily mistake them from the actual plants.

However, one of the living spaces that most people usually forget to add some décor in the bathroom. There are so many benefits that come with having some of the best artificial bathroom plants. They are usually beautiful and quite uplifting when you look at them. And they have the practical purpose of keeping the bathroom environment looking healthy and vibrant.

That said, one of the main challenges that come with doing artificial plants is that they tend to collect dust more often, and with time they end up losing their lustre. Investing in high-quality silk plants can be quite costly. This, therefore, calls for great care when handling them and at the same time, ensuring they look vibrant all the time.

By doing so, you will also help in reducing the dust and the allergens in the bathroom and also help preserve that beautiful realism created by the decorative silk accent. With only a little bit of proper, cleaning regime, then artificial plants will still showcase that fresh-from-the-garden appeal for a long while.

To clean and spruce up the artificial plants from dust and dirt, we recommend the following cleaning products;

  • Cotton balls
  • A paint or toothbrush, a feather duster
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Disposable gloves
  • A hand vacuum cleaner

Step by step guide of cleaning your artificial plant

Start by removing and dusting the excess dust, dirt, or debris. This can be achieved by running the feather duster on the artificial foliage. If the plant is portable, you can take it outside to remove the dust in both the planter and the faux-liege.

For the places that are hard to race, for example inside a silk flower, you can use a toothbrush to do the removing.

By using the handheld brush that has been attached to the vacuum, suck any debris that may remain.

Then using your cloth, wipe down any textured trunks, silk leaves, and decorative pots that could be showing any signs of dust or are getting discoloured.

Once you are done with the cleaning, apply some furniture polish using the microfiber cloth while wiping the leaves individually.

How Can You Decorate Your Bathroom with The Best Artificial Bathroom Plants?

In most households, it isn’t surprising to find out that the ugliest part of the house is the bathroom. However, a little bit of greenery and organization can come in handy in preventing such a scenario. It is not that necessarily easy to decorate a bathroom as it was not designed to be desired. Rather, it happens to be a necessary space that must be filled with the needed essentials.

With that in mind, placing an artificial bathroom decoration is an easy task and it helps in creating a sanctuary without the responsibilities attached to the real plants whereby moulds can grow and also disintegrate due to the heat from the bathroom. All the same, an artificial plant acts as a perfect accessory for your bathroom hence bringing that spa-like feeling right under your house.

Does it really make sense to decorate your bathroom using these artificial plants?
The truth of the matter is, most of us don’t really acknowledge or realize how much time we spend in our bathrooms. You will, ideally, visit the bathroom every morning and evening and sometimes even during the day. And you can agree that it’s not always funny to stare at that bare and empty room. It requires a more vibrant environment so that you will get that relaxing sensation. And that’s when these artificial bathroom plants do the magic.

Dressing up in your bathroom can be a great way of appreciating your personality. You can use succulents which for example are among the most popular faux plants and the best artificial bathroom plants. However, you can still find hanging plants, tall and vertical fake plants, and many more.

Advantages of Artificial Plant Over The Natural Plants In Bathrooms

Most of the large bathrooms can hold full-length fake plants and trees. Others may only have a tabletop for placing the faux plants. Whatever you decide to work with, you can definitely go for it without any worries, unlike the real plants where you constantly have to worry about what happens next as they continue to grow.

The natural plants rarely hold up nicely in a bathroom set-up. The chemicals coming from the sprays, aerosol deodorants, and colognes can easily kill them. They can also suffer a great deal from lack of sunlight and moisture which are the basics for a developing plant.

A bathroom has limited space, and the dimensions are finite. The toilet, the shower, the vanity, they all can’t be moved, which makes it easy to decide on which artificial plant to do the placement.

As compared to the natural ones, fake plants at no point require light and moisture it. If well maintained, these faux plants can serve you for years.

You spend some of the key moments of your day in the bathroom

Have you ever considered the amount of time you spend in that bathroom? You realize every morning, you will spend some quality time while preparing for the work and day and the same happens every night when preparing for bed.

Others still use the bathroom as a way of soaking away the stresses they collected from a crazy day. If you can add up all this time, then you will definitely think about how you can make that room more beautiful by using some decorations. At any rate, plants and flowers have that visual element that affects your personal perception in a positive way.

Who wouldn’t want to spend some time in a beautiful place, restarting and ending your day within the presence of beautiful, artificial plants or flowers? It is always a good idea to retire to bed with a smile and a positive mindset.

#Tip; if your bathroom has limited space, you can consider using one plant or two for the décor. The idea here is to add more beauty to that room where you spend more time using small artificial plants and not having to yourself more stress by putting up plants that will take much of your already squeezed area.

Further, due to the fact that they require minimal maintenance, having the succulents in the bathroom will ensure you maintain them clean. You can clean them on a weekly basis by using your hairdryer using the lowest speed and with no heat to remove the dust and you will be good to go.

Flowers and plants make it easier to relax

If you are the kind that uses their bathtub to unwind and escape from all the hustle and bustle of a busy day, you can complement your glass of wine with some beautiful artificial flowers and plants. Imagine relaxing under some sunflower arrangements brightening your mood.

Impact of flowers and plants on mental health

Research has shown that plants play a great role in shifting those negative mental states you might be having to a more positive and productive one.

As with real plants, where most of us see those leaves, the flower blooming and that green aspect that makes us forget how our day was, and all the troubles that come with it, artificial plants also make us focus more on elegance, beauty, and the overall growth of life.

You want something that will speak to you positively, then try decorating your bathroom and see the kind of results you will get in a month.

Artificial plants are easy to maintain and durable

As well all know, most windows have small windows or none at all. This, therefore, makes it hard for live plants to grow and get the kind of proper maintenance they need. More so, since it’s a bathroom, you will want something easy to clean, and with artificial plants, you can put them all under the shower, give them a quick rinse and then let them dry.

Our Top Picks For The Best Artificial Bathroom Plants

Huryfox Artificial Plants Indoors in Pots, Room Decor Fake Plants Aesthetic Home Decorations for Bedroom Garden Indoor Outdoor, 2 Pack

These artificial potted plants have been made from synthetic material which is then combined with high-end workmanship that makes them hard to differentiate from live plants when looking at them for the first time. They come in clear texture, vivid colour, and more importantly give that realistic feeling when you touch them.

Decorative: These plants are suitable for your bathroom since you spend more time there than you may acknowledge. They give that natural and beautiful look that matches the rest of the house decoration. They also tend to display your unique way of expressing your taste and brighten your bathroom

Free to maintain and it does not fade: These fake plants are practically an alternative to the real plants and they tend to remain as fresh as you bought them. This, therefore, reassures you that throughout the year, your plants will remain beautiful and you will have nothing to worry about the sunlight, putting on fertilizer among others maintenance arrangements you’d often need with real plants.

Has a wide application: This is to mean that the faux leaves will give the interiors of your bathroom a glowing vitality and warmth.

4 Pack Small Potted Artificial Plants, Faux Succulent Plants Gypsophila Eucalyptus Plant Pot for Office Desk, Home Bathroom Garden Indoor Decoration

These fake plants usually come with a realistic design and an exquisite look. There is a paper pulp pot in every plant so you won’t need to buy extra pots. The plants will create that vibrant atmosphere in your bathroom without fading or withering. And that makes it a good choice for your bathroom.

Durable and safe: It is also colourful and more so it has a natural look as compared to the rest of the artificial plants.

Maintenance: These fake potted plants are quite easy to maintain. They also stay long while fresh and retaining their green colour, offering a good alternative for the busiest people since they will not need too much maintenance. What you will need to do regularly is wiping the leaves with some water to remove the dust. Otherwise, these plants retain a natural feeling throughout the year.

However, you should ensure that they are never submerged under the water under any circumstances.

Enrack Artificial Potted Plants Pack of 4, Artificial Succulents Fake Plants Potted In Mini Grey Pots For Home Office Bathroom Table Top Decoration Wedding (4pcs, Grey)

This set comes with four different succulent plants which have grey Paper Pulp pots. They come in various styles, which usually have rich content. The material used is PE plastic which makes it easy to take care of. The collection of plants features various kinds of succulents and every piece is quite detailed and incredibly lifelike. It’s hard to differentiate them from real plants and they will definitely bring that refreshing touch of nature to your bathroom.

Perfectly ideal for the lazy fellas: This is because they are very easy to maintain and clean. They will remain bright and beautiful for the longest time possible. This kind of succulent plant makes a perfect fit for the bathrooms of those who don’t have much time to look after their succulents.

Has a simple aesthetic: This is due to the fact that the plants are combined with wood fibre-filled grey pots which can be used for all décor styles. These potted plants have a great taste to liven up your bathroom.

Designed as an indoor décor accessory: this plan can match well with any colour found in your bathroom. That, therefore won’t give you reasons to worry about anything in that regard.

HOMEFUN Set of 2 Artificial Potted Plants Potted Eucalyptus Plant Small Artificial Lavender Flowers in Grey Plastic Pots Fake Faux Plants for Home Office Desk Table Decor Indoor 9.5" Tall

This set of artificial plants comes in two grey pots which consist of artificial flowers that are potted lavender plants and with a faux eucalyptus. They are usually packed in cardboard boxes with dividers while wrapped with a bubble bag.

Quality material: The leaves are made out of anti-allergic PE material which is well known for its environmentally friendly qualities. The plants are also durable, have no chemical smell, have no toxins, and therefore are quite safe for bathroom use. Some plants usually have pots in plastic that have been well done, have good weight and most importantly, are not fragile.
These eucalyptus and lavender plants usually remain fresh and green: you don’t need to clean or wipe them every other day, or even water them. Therefore most ideal for the busy fellows who can probably get a little time once a week.

DuHouse Fake Succulents Plants Artificial Potted Faux Plant in Mini White Plastic Pots for Home Office Bathroom Garden Decor Set of 4(Green)

These succulent artificial mini-plants are made using PE material which is environmentally friendly and healthy as well. Therefore, this kind of plant can remain beautiful and vivid throughout the year. You will hardly see any change in vibrancy and visual appeal.

Décor purposes: These artificial succulent plants are best for indoor decorations and therefore, are absolutely ideal for places like your bathroom. They can also spice up other living space around your home.

The plants look life-like and they have vivid colour. Mini succulents are the most recommended for those people who can’t find time to grow natural plants.

Arrangement: The good thing about these artificial plant is that you can choose how to style them, be it in a pot, or hanging them beside the mirrors. You can easily bring out that natural succulent beauty into your bathroom. If you want to bring any theme, for example, a romantic atmosphere, you just need to add a few more flowers and you will be set.

Evelyne Artificial Plant 4pc Set, Fake Succulents in White Ceramic Pots, Ideal Bathroom Plants, Indoor Faux Succulent Plants

You can bring colour and complete vibrancy to your bathroom by adding this lovely greenery which will with no doubt enhance the decoration of this special room.

These plants will be a fantastic addition to your bathroom and will ensure it looks great especially when a position on the bathroom shelves.

Care and maintenance: At times life can get busy and you will need to have a lovely relaxing space before retiring to bed. Also at times, it becomes hard for you to keep on checking on your plants and cleaning off the dust. Therefore, this kind of artificial plant comes in handy as it will spare you the stress of the care that live plants often demand. In addition to that, you won’t need to worry about their durability since they will last a long while and will not lose their freshness and green colour anytime soon.

New rui cheng Artificial Plant, Mini Plastic Plants Small Fake Plant Real Eucalyptus Rosemary Gypsophila 3pack Set with Pot Indoor Green Bonsai for Home Bathroom Kitchen Office Desk Garden Decoration

This set comes with three artificial plants in different grey pots that include, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Gypsophila. The plants look deceptively natural. However, there is no need to worry about them dying since you won’t need to water them. The colour will not fade and will retain that natural, refreshing look you would get with live plants

These plants are super easy to maintain and care for. There is absolutely no commitment for daily checking on their needs as you normally would with their natural counterparts.

They are perfect alternatives for those who don’t have time to take care of natural plants. All you would need to do is just occasionally wiping off the leaves of the plants to remove dust that may have gathered there. This is just about the only care routine activity you will have to undertake and still continue to admire the plant’s beauty as you prepare yourself for bed or work.

The plants are durable and safe since the materials used to create them are environmentally friendly plastic hence they are not toxic.

They are quite colourful, and they look incredibly natural. The realistic leaves and vivid colours make these plants look incredibly lifelike and therefore, a great alternative for real plants. The pots should never be submerged in water to avoid them from breaking.

One of the best qualities of these plants is the fact that they can be deformed and squeezed when transporting them and then restored with a little adjustment when displaying them again.


We generally recommend that before you buy any kind of artificial bathroom plant, always consider the exact type of plant you want. You will always get all kinds of artificial plants in the market, but the best part is that you will never have to worry about watering them or if they are receiving enough light.

To further help you narrow down the hundreds of options now available in the market, you may want to start by choosing the mood you would want to create in your bathroom.

The second, and equally important thing, is to consider the size. This is to ensure the plants don’t occupy much of your space or crowd your bathroom space too much. This may have the opposite effect of creating unpleasant bathroom scenery and give you more stress every time you are in the bathroom.

With all factors considered, always go for quality and pick the best artificial bathroom plants you can find for your specific budget.

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