Best Artificial Hanging Baskets

Best Artificial Hanging Baskets

The most passionate green thumbs will often want to go all the way when it comes to their gardens. They will want to do anything within their means to make beautiful, fun additions to their gardens.

But what do you do when you don’t have the time, ability, or even resources to create the kind of beautiful spaces you want? You’ll definitely want to consider artificial options.

One of the best ways to add that year-round pop of colour to your gardens with floral displays is to add hanging baskets. However, if you are not a master gardener yet or want inspiration to ease yourself into growing real plants, artificial hanging baskets can be a great option.

There are certainly hundreds of options to choose from. We’ve rounded up some of the best artificial hanging baskets available for the UK market. But first, let’s address some common concerns that gardeners have when considering artificial hanging baskets:

Are artificial hanging baskets worth it?

Other than the reasons already mentioned, the best artificial hanging baskets have so many advantages, including:

  • They hardly require any regular maintenance (super low maintenance that they practically look after themselves)
  • No need to regularly purchase new plants throughout the year as compared to the real plants that require new plants almost each season
  • Easy to set up (just pick a spot, hang your basket and enjoy your floral display all year round)
  • They come in a wide range of colours, designs, and styles
  • They can liven up those dull areas in your home where putting up a plant or flower is quite a challenge


How realistic do the artificial hanging baskets look?

The best artificial hanging baskets are often botanically correct, and they come really close to how the real plants look. Some types may look a lot closer to the real thing than others, but overall, the average person can hardly tell the difference, unless of course, they come too close to inspect or stroke them. Your house guests will normally not do this. 

How durable are the best artificial hanging baskets?

Typically, artificial hanging baskets can last for a couple of years. However, the first thing when shopping for one is to find out if it’s specifically built for the outdoors or indoor use. 

You’ll want to check if they are dust and weatherproof and if they have such features as UV resistance. This latter feature is especially crucial since, without it, your artificial hanging baskets will look far from real plants or just plain ugly.

Our best artificial hanging basket choices

Here are our top ten picks for the best artificial hanging baskets:

GreenBrokers 2X Artificial Coco Hanging Baskets with Yellow and Purple Flowers and Decorative Grasses (Set of 2), 50cm

These coco coir artificial hanging baskets from GreenBrokers are one of the most lifelike hanging baskets in the market today. They come with a set of two faux sill purple and yellow pansies and a set of two yellow and purple flowers. 

The flowers are set inside a beautiful 25cm coir basket held with metal chains and a hook for hanging. That means they are super easy to set up in almost any location in the house, both outdoors and indoors.


  • Incredibly lifelike, vibrant flowers made of faux silk that will look fresh all year round)
  • Specially designed for both outdoors and indoors
  • Set of two, round, beautiful coir baskets
  • Comes with a hanging hook and two silver chains (ready to hang out straight away)
  • Flowers also available in pink, white, or purple colours
  • Can withstand all weather conditions

The coco coir baskets have a unique, natural look that complements the flowers for that overall realistic look that is indistinguishable from a distance. As with any other artificial hanging basket, there’s little maintenance required. Just unpack, hang in your favourite spot and enjoy the floral display.

Artificial Flowers With Basket Artificial Flower Plant Wall Hanging Two Bunches of Purple and Red Hydrangea Flowerpot Decoration Flower Basket for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

These idyllic straw wicker wall-hanging artificial baskets are one of a kind. They have a unique rustic design that gives off a heightened sense of reality and touch. The flowers are made out of bright coloured silky polyester to create a versatile, simulated appearance of a real plant. 

The two fuchsia hanging baskets, which are made out of wood material, provide a wide range of applications. You can hang them on doors, walls, mirrors, swings, or just about any space around your home you want to appreciate with beautiful artificial flowers.


  • A pair of beautiful, fuchsia hanging baskets
  • Bright coloured flowers made out of durable silky polyester and carefully dyed to maintain a fresh, realistic colour throughout the seasons
  • Two bouquets of purple and red hydrangea
  • Super simulated design that comes with a simulated pot and simulated soil which gives it a realistic touch
  • Flowers come already potted with natural-looking soil and moss
  • All the plants’ leaves and petals are UV-treated to ensure protection from the sun’s harsh rays so they can preserve fresh, lasting colouration
  • Can be supported by durable jute ropes or metal chains and can even hang on the ceiling
  • A wide variety of plants to choose from, including pink, purple, yellow, and natural green.
  • Excellent price point

These versatile hanging baskets can light up just about any indoor space or sheltered garden since they allow various decoration methods. You are only limited by your creativity.

Primrose Duranta Artificial Hanging Baskets with Solar Light - 4 Colours (Red, Pair)

If you are looking to add beauty and a bit of grandeur to your outdoor space with less unnecessary work, then these gorgeous no-mess hanging baskets would be a great choice. They have a unique solar-powered light that not only illuminates the flowers but also provides light in the night and a stunning, enchanting glow.

According to laboratory tests by the manufacturer, the flowers can go up to two years without showing any signs of weathering. So you won’t have to worry about fading colours or the plants losing their lustre.


  • 100% hand-assembled floral display with the right balance between flower and foliage
  • Super realistic dense foliage made from a mix of polyester and silk and premium-grade UV protection additive that will absorb harmful rays from the sun
  • It comes with extra weight to prevent the baskets from blowing off in the wind
  • Stunning LED lights to create a beautiful glow in the dark
  • Comes with a solar panel to automatically charge the LED lights. No hassle with batteries or electrical installations
  • Lab-tested against outdoor weather conditions to guarantee at least two years of no change in coloration, brittleness of the petals, and overall physical appearance
  • Basket diameter – 26cm, chain length – 34cm, total height including chain – 1m

These hanging baskets combine beautiful floral display and illumination for your garden and outdoor space. Therefore, they provide excellent value for money.

MOSKILA Outdoor Artificial Garden Flower Hanging Basket in Pink/White Weather Resistant 30cm

This weather and UV-resistant hanging basket features a stunning flower arrangement that will stand out in your outdoor space or garden throughout the year. It won’t diminish or fade in quality when exposed outside and will be a perfect aesthetic addition to your beautiful garden.


  • Stunning white and pink flower arrangement
  • UV-resistant qualities to withstand the sun’s harmful rays and stay bright and beautiful for a long while
  • It comes with a removable hanging chain for easy installation 
  • Features a balanced foliage in the basket with a stunning spill-out effect
  • Zero maintenance required. Just set up and enjoy the beautiful display
  • Approximate size: width – 30cm, height – 23cm, diameter – 30cm

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly statement piece for your outdoor spaces, then this artificial hanging basket from Smart Garden- is a great consideration.

HOMESCAPES White, Orange and Pink Artificial Hanging Basket Large Lifelike Hanging Plant For Indoor and Outdoor Decoration Trailing Flowers In Brown Wicker Pot with Metal Chain and Hook 85 cm Long

Growing real plants in real hanging baskets might easily take up to two months at the minimum, including all care and routine procedures. If you haven’t got the time, resources, or skills, you may want to consider this replica hanging basket with stunning lifelike hanging plants.

It comes as a carefully crafted willow wicker pot with colourful “busy lizzie” flowers which gives off a unique rustic style. That makes it perfect for different spaces within your home and other sheltered or shaded outdoor spaces.


  • The basket is made out of willow material to create a dynamic, rustic style that will definitely catch the eye of your visitors
  • All the stems, petals, and leaves are cut from a UV-treated silk-like polyester material that ensures lifelike botanical accuracy
  • The plants are UV-treated to prevent fading colouration. They will look great throughout the different seasons
  • The basket comes with a sturdy, long metallic hook and chain for easy hanging both outdoors and indoors
  • Approximate size: length – 85cm, width – 75cm, diameter – 30cm, weight – 750g

It’s available in several colours, sizes, and flowers, including geraniums, pansies, petunia, among other flowers that will bring that extra pop of colour to your home.

2 x Artificial Purple and Yellow Faux Silk Pansies and Grasses Rattan Cone Shaped Hanging Baskets Ideal for Home, Business, Outdoor Living 64cm/25in

This pair of cone-shaped hanging baskets will cheer you up as you wash your endless pile of dishes in your kitchen, perform different house chores, or when you sit and relax in your home.

It comes with bright yellow and purple artificial pansies with a bit of lifelike decorative grass in the middle to give it that realistic look that’s unnoticeable from a distance. No need to assemble as it comes ready to hang out of the packaging. Just unpack and hang in your favourite spot without having to use any tools or procedures.


  • Stunning cone-shape baskets made out of dark Rattan 
  • Lifelike faux-silk pansies that are practically unnoticeable to within smelling or touching distance
  • Comes with sturdy, silver metallic chains to complete that elegant, chic design
  • You can gently arrange the foliage to suit your preferences or your own creative ideas
  • A range of colours to choose from, including pink and white or purple and white flowers
  • No assembly required
  • Approximate size: length – 68cm, width – 24cm, height – 24cm

The Rattan dangling cones design would blend perfectly with any outdoor space that also has Rattan furniture. 

Selections Pack of 2 Artificial Azalea Topiary Garden Hanging Baskets (25 Centimeter)

This realistic-looking set of two topiary hanging garden baskets comes potted with replica eucalyptus, azalea, and conifer would be perfect for any fence, porch, wall, or just about any garden hanging space.


  • Artificial topiary baskets which require zero maintenance and will look fresh and beautiful throughout the year
  • UV and weather-resistant design that will sure a consistent gorgeous look in different seasons
  • Comes with realistic replicas of azalea, conifer, and eucalyptus already potted
  • Comes with a galvanized hanging chain that won’t rust or fade
  • Comes ready to hang out of the packaging
  • Comes as a set of two baskets, so you can either set them together or hang them in different rooms or spaces

The topiary baskets look very pretty without being over the top typical artificial decorations. They will certainly pretty up your home’s favourite spaces.

Mynse Silk Impatiens Flowers Hanging Coco Basket Artificial Impatiens Flower for Balcony Home Decoration, Rose Red (A Small Basket and Artificial Flower)

A beautiful, dangling flower basket around your home is always likely to draw attention and add that colourful pop around your living spaces. These silk impatiens flowers hanging out of a rustic coco basket will certainly bring a warm vibrancy to your home.

You can select between a big basket with chunky foliage or a small basket with enough foliage to create that realistic botanical effect. The foliage ensures both the green leaves and the flowers are set against each other to produce that natural look that won’t be too far from the real thing.


  • The flowers are made out of silk clothing material, the petals out of plastic
  • The bouquet spills over the basket for a natural effect
  • The hanging basket is made out of coco fibre and a metallic chain
  • The lush green leaves and the purple impatiens contain ultraviolet effects, which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor decorations
  •  Approximate size: height – 50cm, basket – 50cm (when hanged), basket diameter – 25cm

If you are into DIY, then this is the product for you. It comes partially assembled, so you will enjoy the setup and make your own creative design or bouquet for your living room, balcony, gallery, pavilion, corridor, and other spaces.

HOMESCAPES Artificial Hanging Basket Hanging Ivy In Grey Melamine Pot 95 cm Long Trailing Plant with Macramé Knotted Rope Style Hanger and Hook for Indoor Decoration

This lifelike hanging polka dot ivy plant will add a touch of greenery to any living space, from bathrooms and conservatories to living rooms and balconies. It comes already potted in a pretty, grey, melamine pot hanging out of a macramé-style knotted hanging rope.

The expertly handcrafted leaves and beautiful, tasselled hanging rope will provide a hassle-free alternative to real plants and add an on-trend natural burst of colour to your house, no matter where you place the basket. 


  • Decorative, lifelike ivy polka dot plant made out of silk-like polyester material to ensure botanical accuracy
  • The plant is UV-treated to prevent fading
  • Comes with a light grey, melamine plastic pot held by a long, braided rope and a secure metallic hook
  • It weighs about 750g and super easy to hang
  • Requires little to no maintenance and will look fresh and green all year. You may just want to dust it regularly with a soft, damp cloth, but that’s just about all you need to do.

HOMESCAPES are well known for their range of colourful, lifelike decorative baskets, pots, and artificial plants. This one is no different and will undoubtedly add that creative personality aspect to your home.

Outsunny Pack of 2 Artificial Lisianthus Flowers Hanging Planter with Basket for Indoor Outdoor Decoration

To wrap up our list of the best artificial hanging baskets is this pretty set of hanging planters with beautiful, lifelike Lisianthus flowers. You can use the two hanging baskets to create a matching look in both your office settings and your living spaces. You just need to wipe it clean occasionally, and it will provide that green vibrancy all year round.


  • Gorgeous lisianthus flower design
  • The flowers have a premium plastic construction with rich hues and a natural-feeling texture
  • The baskets are made out of wicker material and are delivered with cement soil to provide an extra-real finish 
  • Each basket comes with a metal hook and chain for easy hanging
  • Approximate size: height – 34cm, diameter – 24cm

With its full, voluptuous look, this beautiful hanging planter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations.

What to considered when selecting an artificial hanging basket

There are certainly many options when it comes to the best artificial hanging baskets. However, there are important elements that you should consider hitting that order button or making any purchases. Here are a few elements we considered before we picked out the ten recommendations on this list:

Botanical accuracy: while the idea behind purchasing an artificial plant display is to add beauty and that extra pop of colour to your home, it must appear as botanically accurate as possible. This simply means that the replica flowers must bear the features and colours of their real equivalents.

One should be able to “mistake” it for the real thing at a casual glance or when viewed from a distance. If this is not the case, you stand the risk of producing an undesired aesthetic effect on your visitors.

Longevity: there are two aspects to this consideration. The first one is to have full value for money by purchasing durable items. The other aspect is the environmental concern that comes with buying plastic or non-recyclable items. You must ensure that you can use them for as long as possible and never viewing them as disposable items. 

UV-Resistance: while the best artificial hanging baskets come as bright, vibrant, and colourful displays, they will fade off and slowly disintegrate if they are not made out of UV-resistant materials. Always go for the UV-treated options if you want your floral displays to remain bright and cheerfully vibrant throughout the seasons.

Plants you can actually grow in hanging baskets: this also emphasizes botanical accuracy. If you are to successfully “trick” anyone into thinking your flowers are real, you’ll want to select designs that have the kind of flowers you can actually grow in hanging baskets in the real world. 

Easy, hassle-free setup: most of the recommended hanging baskets in this list hardly require any intricate setup procedures. For many of them, having a beautiful display is as easy as unpacking and hanging on your preferred spot. Even the ones requiring a bit of setting up can be up and ready with minimal DIY effort. 


These ten artificial hanging baskets could be the compromise you need if trying to grow real plants is currently a challenging venture. When strategically placed, many people wouldn’t tell them apart from the real ones.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor floral decorations, artificial plants and displays give you the versatility and options you wouldn’t easily get from growing and caring for the real plants. You can swap different plants without worrying if they’ll survive or die or whether they are getting enough sunlight.

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