Best Artificial Flowers For The Outdoors

Best Artificial Flowers For The Outdoors

Are you planning a huge event? Or rather, is sprucing up your outdoor spaces in your wish list? Either way, getting the best artificial flowers will do the trick. Even better, you’ll achieve a pleasing aesthetic without breaking the bank or the hassle of having to grow real flowers.

There’s a wide array of artificial flowers in the market and with a careful search, you are, likely to get the best flowers to suit your outdoors. Different artificial flowers come with varying materials or unique designs more apt for their intended setting. Even so, figuring out the best artificial flowers that are most appropriate for your setting can be confusing.

We have put together what we think are the best seven artificial flowers for the outdoors. We have also highlighted what each option has to offer, and then we’ll let you decide the one that checks out most, if not all, of your boxes.

What are artificial flowers?

Artificial or faux flowers don’t grow by nature but are made out of synthetic materials like silk, cotton fabric, or rayon. Most artificial flower manufacturers have been able to produce tolerable faux flowers that beat the environmentally harmful threshold.

Over time, most brands put in efforts to make these artificial flowers as safe and eco-friendly as possible. And with the latest technology, they are now harmless and poison-free.

Types of Artificial Flowers

Individual stems – These are lifelike single blooms available in varying lengths and flower types. They sometimes include an extra bud and often come with leaves.

Branches – These are ideal for floor arrangements or tall centrepieces. They can stand tall and blend perfectly with other artificial flower varieties.

Garlands – These are stylish strands of flowers, leaves, or both. They are available in varying flower types and lengths and look pleasant when draped across chairs and tables or around staircases or columns.

Bushes – These are flower or leaf stems joining at a sole branch at the base. You can either cut them separately then place them sporadically or place them as an individual element in more extensive floral arrangements.

Bundles – These constitute a group of individual stemmed flowers. They are also known as bouquets or bunches. They can consist of leaves, blooms, or both and may also contain different or similar colours and flower types.

The Seven Best Artificial Flowers for the Outdoors

Homcomodar 12 Pack Artificial Flowers Babies Breath Flowers Fake Gypsophila Plants Bouquets For Wedding Home DIY Decoration (White)

Starting off the list is the Homcomodar 12 Pack Artificial Flowers. These flowers are roughly 53 cm tall and besides being vibrantly coloured, they are also designed to look as realistic as possible. As such, they are ideal for creating a friendly ambience for both the outdoors and interior décor.

The artificial Gypsophila flowers also blend perfectly with other flowers to make beautiful decorations. They include three big stems, with each stem having three smaller stems and more than 80 flowers.

More importantly, the Homcomodar artificial flowers feature eco-friendly, 100% safe plastic. Like most plastic products, you may experience a slight odour that fades over time. Nonetheless, the plastic makes the stems tweakable and adds to the flowers’ durability as well.


  • Each of the three big stems has three smaller stems and 81 flowers
  • The flowers feature eco-friendly plastic material
  • Each piece is roughly 53 cm tall
  • 100% no-risk refund assurance in case of any complaints
  • It comes as a pack of 12 pieces

The flowers may arrive compressed, and you may have to groom the leaves and branches to attain a perfect shape. In case of any concerns, the Homcomodar promises a no-risk 100% refund.

Veryhome Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers Bouquets Wedding Decoration Home Table Kitchen Office Garden Bridal Greenery Plants (Light pink bud)

If an exquisite artificial peony is what you want, try this vintage flower bouquet from Veryhome. Not only are the flowers striking but also quite realistic. They require zero maintenance and will never wither, unlike an actual peony.

More importantly, the flowers feature top-quality PU and silk. As such, they don’t contain any unpleasant chemicals or odours but are durable and stunningly lifelike. Alongside the perfectly-coloured flowers are some well-balanced leaves that make the bouquet more lifelike.

The flowerheads are pretty big, with each being 10 cm tall and almost 8 cm wide. Additionally, the bouquet’s overall height is slightly above 48 cm. These artificial peony flowers are highly decorative for weddings, homes, offices, outdoors, etc.


  • Available in different colours, including new purple, new dark red, orange-white, etc.
  • The bouquet is 48 cm tall and about 28 cm wide
  • The flowers include top-quality PU and silk
  • Each bouquet consists of 6 flowers, two buds, and 13 stems

Besides light pink bud, these artificial peony flowers are available in other colours, including purple, yellow, black, cameo brown bud, orange-white, etc. It’s, therefore, easier to meet most décor styles with these faux peony flowers from Veryhome.

Floweroyal Artificial Flowers 12pcs Chrysanthemum Ball Flowers Silk Hydrangea Bridal Wedding Bouquet for Home Garden Party Office Coffee House Decorations (Red).

Last but certainly not least are the Floweroyal Artificial Chrysanthemum Ball Flowers which boast an exquisite appearance. They feature top-quality silk, for both the flower heads and leaves, which delivers natural touch and lifelike image. The stem, on the other hand, is made out of plastic, with a steel wire inside to allow tweaking to your preferred shape.

These artificial flowers are also pretty effortless to clean and don’t need special care. A basic dry cloth will effectively wipe off any dust on the flowerheads. Or, you could wash the flowerheads using water and then dry them with a wet cloth.

The bouquet includes 12 ball flowers, with each flower being 7 cm wide and 28 cm tall. Moreover, unlike the actual counterpart, these faux flowers won’t fall off. You won’t catch any smell, and they also don’t bring about pollen allergies like real chrysanthemum ball flowers.


  • Flowerheads and leaves are made out of silk, while the stem features plastic and steel wire
  • The bouquet includes 12 pieces
  • Each flowerhead is 7 cm wide
  • The flowers are red but are also available in blue, purple, white, and pink.
  • The bouquet is 28 cm tall

You can also cut the flowers to other preferred lengths and arrange them with other flowers. Besides being typical artificial flowers for the outdoors, the Floweroyal faux flowers are also ideal for interior décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put artificial flowers in water?

Yes. But it’s best to use artificial water made from resins that resemble fresh, clean water.

Are artificial flowers flammable?

Cheap faux flowers made out of plastic are more flammable than their counterparts made of organic materials. Remember to store your artificial flowers in a dry and cool place.

Should I mix artificial and natural flowers?

Combining artificial flowers with real flowers delivers a lifelike and seamless decoration that can help you achieve a true-to-nature palette.

How do you dye faux flowers?

If you intend to give your faux flowers a new look, use a different colour fabric dye to do so.


Despite their past reputation, artificial flowers have a much better future. Even though various, real wonders of nature surround us, we also need the convenience of low-maintenance artificial flowers.

Always determine the exact specifications and qualities that your artificial flowers need for them to fit in your desired setting. We believe one of the artificial flowers in this list will suit your outdoors best.

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