Best Artificial Lillies

Best Artificial Lillies

Everyone wants to beautify their homes with perennial flowers since other than adding beauty; they create a lovely and romantic atmosphere in your home. The sad thing is that, as soon as you start experiencing and appreciating that gorgeous look, they begin to wither, and you have no option other than to throw them away.

It’s time to move away from this sad cycle. With great technological advancements, artificial lilies are the way to go. They are now a genius way of having elegant and stunning flowers in your room in a remarkable and distinguished way especially since the days of buying dusty and tacky faux flowers are over.

It is more overwhelming and challenging to plant and grow a blooming garden, and it might end up being your full-time job since you need to water and ensure your flowers have enough sunlight. Artificial lilies will take away all this hassle since they are low-maintenance flowers.

The good thing is that they look fresh for an extended period to brighten up your room. In most communities, lilies are used as a sign of purity of devotion, but the meaning can change depending on culture, lily type, and colour.

At any rate, artificial lilies are suitable for decorating the kitchen counter, mantel, living room, guestroom, bedroom, restaurant, hotel, villa, club, bar, wedding tables, among other places.

Why buy the best artificial lilies?

No doubt, we all love natural flowers, but due to the cumbersome work involved in maintaining them, artificial lilies provide the best alternatives. Even if living flowers give invigorating scents all the time, they are quite perishable and don’t last for long. Artificial lilies are worth investing in due to several reasons;

They feel and look like natural flowers.

Most artificial lilies have a deceptively natural look to the untrained eye, especially if arranged elegantly. They provide natural foliage textures and true-to-life petals, which no one can quickly notice are fake. Their water-filled vases make them look more appealing with a perfect finishing touch.

You can set them up anywhere.

Artificial lilies are just wonderful since you can display them anywhere you want. Whether you want to brighten up your window or any other sun-filled area in your house, you can comfortably do so without any fear of the flowers withering or drying out due to extreme sunlight. Even during the winter season, artificial lilies tolerate heat, which isn’t the case with natural cut flowers.

They cause no allergies.

People with allergies are affected mainly by the scents or pollen produced by fresh flowers. In case you suffer from allergies, and you love flowers, artificial lilies are the way to go since they have no smell and don’t produce pollen. This allows you to have your favourite artificial lily flowers at home without any worry of potential reaction.

Artificial lilies are always guest-ready

You may like to always have fresh flowers in your home just in case an unexpected visitor gets in, but this is not possible because they wither quickly. Artificial lilies are a saving grace whenever friends visit you without notifying you.

They’re not seasonal.

It’s hard to have fresh flowers all year round since they may take time to mature into beautiful and elegant-looking flowers. This isn’t the case with artificial lilies because they are always in season throughout the year. The good thing is that you can spritz faux lilies with fragrances for a fresh-smelling home from January to December.

Artificial lilies double up as centrepieces

Artificial lily flowers are the most timeless way to beautify your table if you’re having a birthday party, dinner, or a romantic meal for the two, and you don’t have enough time to go to your florist for a centrepiece.

Best Artificial Lilies Review

Purchasing artificial lilies is an uphill task, especially if it’s your first time since there are so many artificial lilies on the market. We have curated a list of the best artificial lilies to help you select the right one from the many options out there:

Artificial Lily Spray - 3 Orange Stem - Realistic Looking Flowers

These Artificial Lily Flowers will create a vibrant, happy feeling and mood anywhere you set them up around your room. They are elegant-looking with a natural touch and feel since they emulate living lilies.

They come in a pack of three stems, with each stem having two open flowers and one bud, plus some leaves. The flowers have a height of 66 cm.

These faux lily flowers are made of high-quality silk that gives them a natural look and touch. They last for a more extended period without fading or turning colour, thanks to the UV protection spray.

You can use these beautiful lily flowers to decorate your bedroom, guestroom, living room, office, restaurant, garden, yard, and terrace.

Cerise/Mauve Ranunculus with Pink Lily, Large Gerbera, and Lavender Artificial/Silk FlowerArrangement in Grave pot, 25cm - FREE SAME DAY DESPATCH

These are gorgeous and elegant-looking flowers. They are made with lilies, mini lavender, cerise/mauve ranunculus, and gerbera, green trick, and contrasting foliage making them one of the favourite vintage arrangements.

They come in a mixture of pink, white, and purple colours, making them have a decent and appealing look.

These flowers last for an extended period, giving you a bright and shining appearance. They are present in a standard size plastic pot, and the arrangement is secured in florist foam, keeping it stable inside the pot.

The overall height of these flowers is approximately 25-26cm or 10 inches and the flowers are perfectly ideal for a memorial or grave arrangement.

HUAESIN 5PCS Artificial Lily Flowers Bouquet Fake Silk Flowers Plastic Tiger Lily Flowers Plants Greenery for Bridal Wedding Home Living Room Garden Party Vase Decor Light Pink

These lily flowers will create a bright and comfortable visual experience for a good mood every day. They have a lovely pink colour that helps create a pretty and warm atmosphere and a sweet feeling. The flowers are a DIY bouquet that allows you to enjoy nature in the comfort of your home.

These flowers have two and exquisite flower buds and several elongated leaves that create a beautiful and soft natural look. They look more impressive and vibrant in a vase, and you can give them as a gift to someone you love.

They are made of premium plastic materials that make them durable, lightweight, and lifelike. The stem has an iron wire wrapped with plastic to prevent tear and wear. The flowers never fade since they are anti-ultraviolet, and no need to spend time caring for them.

These flowers are the best choice for festivals, shops, parties, offices, altars, coffee houses, front porch, terrace, rear desk, balcony, among other places to illuminate your life.

Frequently Asked Question about Artificial Lilies

What is the best material for artificial lily flowers?

The best material for faux lilies is silk since it comes quite close to the real thing. Silk flowers usually have a lot of natural details that differentiate them from other artificial flower types with their realistic appearance.

However, silk flowers are much more expensive compared to different kinds of flowers. If you need cheap artificial lilies, you can get plastic lilies though they are ideal for decorating focal points; instead, they are suitable when you use them as side or filler pieces.

Fabric is also ideal as it imitates the natural touch of fresh flowers for an added realism. For many decades, polyester has been one of the primary materials in artificial flower production. Even today, polyester fabric is mainly used to manufacture faux lily flowers.

Do artificial lilies look tacky?

The crucial role of artificial lilies is sprucing up your home and brightening up dark and dull corners. In the past, faux lilies were tacky, but they now look so perfect and natural thanks to the technological advancements, and they have shed away their tacky reputation. In fact, only people with great attention to details will notice that your lilies are fake.

Most decorators have proven that most artificial lilies have moved from abstract lilies to realistic alternatives. This means that you can use these artificial lilies to decorate your centrepieces, wedding, gardens, patios, offices, restaurant, home decors, dining rooms, and parties, with many thinking that they are fresh flowers.

How do I clean artificial lilies?

The significant advantage of faux lilies is that they do not need daily maintenance like natural lilies. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need any care for them to always look stunning. You have to periodically clean your artificial lilies once in a while or wipe them whenever they are dusty using a microfiber cleaning cloth, spare cleaning towelettes, or a feather duster.

And since most artificial lilies are highly portable, you can take your faux arrangement outside your house and get rid of extra dirt using a paintbrush. You will have ample time and space to remove all accumulated dirt on the planter and faux-liege.

How do I make artificial lilies look real?

Living lilies fill your spaces with life and fresh colour, and the same applies to artificial lilies. This has made artificial flowers more popular in the UK. There are several ways that you can make your artificial lilies look natural, as discussed below:

Colour – which colour do you have in mind? A monotone colour scheme will give you a balanced and beautiful bouquet, while a multi-colour bouquet is still attractive and appealing to many.

Pick the right vase or planter – the shape of the planter or vase you select will significantly determine how authentic your faux lilies look. It will help bring a visual simulation to your arrangement, whether glazed ceramic, sophisticated glass, or sculptured pottery.

Add a unique base – in case you are displaying your artificial lilies in a transparent container or vase, try as much as you can to add an appropriate base to the arrangement bottom. If you don’t mind your stems becoming wet, water is the best option. But if you want you’re showcasing to look more creative, find other alternatives such as natural tone rocks, sea glass, among other human-made materials. You can also add seasonal-inspired items like sand art, candies, or candles, especially during holidays and parties.


Artificial lilies help to transform all your spaces, either indoors or outdoors. They mimic natural lilies, particularly the ones made from premium, high-grade materials. Many people will not recognize that they are fake.

Unlike living lilies, artificial lilies don’t require any maintenance such as watering, fertilizer, or spraying. This allows you to enjoy nature and beauty in your home without much effort.

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