Best Artificial Trailing Plants

Best Artificial Trailing Plants

Planting and taking care of trailing plants can be a bit challenging and despite all your efforts, you’ll still need more gardening skills and time. For instance, you must water them maybe two or three times a week. They would also need fertilization and weeding. And yet despite all this tedious work, your trailing plants might end up dying. 

But you need not worry; artificial trailing plants are the best alternative for decorating your home, office, shop, showroom, or restaurant with a touch of nature. They are the game changers since they create a fantastic, tropical look that intrigue your guests. 

The best artificial trailing plants will turn your outdoor spaces into your visitors and neighbours’ envy. They can turn the dark corners in your house or office into bright and vibrant spaces. And very few guests will differentiate them from live plants.

Artificial trailing plants don’t require much care since all you need to do is to wipe the dust once in a while. Their leaves don’t drop or change colour, and at no point do they outgrow their pots. And of course they will never die or cause any harm to your kids or pets.

Artificial Trailing Plants Buying Guide

The best artificial trailing plants create a lively environment around your home and they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to advances in technology, they are practically indistinguishable from real plants. Therefore, you’ll get the same aesthetic benefits you’d get from live plants

Here are a few things you should consider when purchasing artificial trailing plants.


The majority of artificial trailing plants are made from high-quality materials such as polyester, silk, and plastic. These materials give them a realistic appearance as they are flexible enough to turn into different shapes. They also possess the same curvature that is often visible in live plants. 

We understand that your main intention is to add beauty to your home, office, or restaurant, but you shouldn’t compromise on quality, even if it means digging deeper into your pocket. Artificial trailing plants made out of materials like cotton, silk, and rayon are of high-quality even though they may be a little pricey. But if you have tight budget, go with plastic or polyester plants. This, of course, doesn’t mean that these artificial plants are not long-lasting.


Always get artificial plants that look as close to their natural equivalents as possible. They should have realistic features such as leaves, stems, and foliage but they should not be perfect since people will doubt them. Select plants with natural texture, which people wouldn’t know if they are fake. In case you are in doubt, look for an actual tree and feel it with your hands.


Size is another significant factor to consider. The size of the artificial trailing plants mainly depends on your indoor or outdoor spaces. Before purchasing any plant, take the measurements of the area you want to place the plant. Ensure the area is larger than the artificial plant you want to buy. Use a measuring tape and take the readings from the bottom going upwards.


How natural do the plants appear? Choose plants with a natural element and shape. Your artificial trailing plants should not look extra-ordinary good since real nature will disappear. Let them take the shape of natural plants such as air plants, aloe, monster leaves, or banana trees. 

Don’t buy plants with perfect symmetry as they look generally fake. When you go shopping for artificial trailing plants, ensure you have a photo of what you want to buy. The picture will help you to compare and contrast. If the artificial plant is not close to what you have on the image, look for other options.


When you buy your artificial trailing plants, they will look gorgeous, bright, and vibrant. However, with time they fade, and the rich colours begin to disappear. Harsh weather elements such as the sun or other wet, frosty weather conditions may take away their freshness and vibrant colours. If you want your artificial trailing plants to keep looking fresh, ensure they are made out of quality, UV-resistance materials.

Best Artificial Trailing Plants Review

Trailing plants come in various types, and it’s easy to get lost in the available options. They usually range from budget-friendly to high-end plants. 

We’ve rounded up what we think are 10 of the best artificial trailing plants to help you narrow down to exactly what you want.

KingYH 2 Pack Artificial Hanging Vines Plants Plastic Fake Trailing Weeping Ivy Vine Greenery Drooping Plant for Wall Indoor Outside Garden Wedding Hanging Pot Basket Decoration

These trailing plants are ideal for decorating your gardens, home, parties, terraces, living rooms, restaurants, walls, guest rooms, showrooms, offices, patio and porches. They will bring life and natural colour to your spaces. The 5-fork climbing plant comes in two-packs, with each measuring 80 cm long. 

You can hang them on the wall or insert them into the basket or soft object. They easily bend for hanging or when you want to take them down. These plants can stay green forever without needing any sunlight and water.

It’s made from the metal branch and plastic leaves, which makes them long-lasting. They don’t need any maintenance, and the leaves do not wither or fall. The hanging plants feature dense green colouring foliage and dark green leaves that have a realistic look. In case they are dusty, use a damp cloth or duster to wipe the leaves.

JustYit 2 PCS Hanging Garland Vine Flower Trailing Bracket plant| Artificial Ivy|Artificial Flowers Fake Wisteria Office Decoration Home Decoration Party Decoration Wedding Decoration-Green

Do you want to change your home decoration? Then this YGSAT Hanging Garland Vine Flower plant is an ideal choice. As soon as you set them up, you will immediately feel and notice the change. Your guests will envy them; and want touch them for the beauty only to realize they are artificial. 

These hanging plants will eliminate the hassle of watering and taking care of trailing flowers. Artificial Ivy is suitable for decorating churches, offices, home decors, corsages, receptions, wedding bouquet, pew bows, and parties.

They feature generous leaves and lush green colouring that don’t occupy a lot of space. Thanks to the high-quality plastic and metal materials, these hanging plants have an incredibly realistic look and vibran colouration that provides a naturalistic look. They are ideal for outdoor use since they are waterproof and cannot be damaged by water.

MIHOUNION 2pcs Artificial Hanging Boston Ferns Climbing Fake Vine Plants Faux Trailing Plants Plastic Hanging Greenery Plant for Indoor Outdside Planter Wedding Decor

These are artificial Boston Ferns that you can use in hanging planters for a luxuriant display, especially those who are not in a position to water their live plants regularly. They are suitable for people who don’t bother about the real thing. 

The hanging plants are 80 cm long and they come in packs of two. You can hang them in the kitchen, guest room, living room, gazebo, and wedding parties. You can also use them to decorate offices, restaurants, hotels, coffee houses, among other business premises they provide a realistic simulation and calming effect.

The high-quality materials makes these trailing plants durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant great for outdoor use, allowing you to have a fabulous atmosphere in your porch, patio, or backyard. The green colour offers a bit fantasy in your house, and you can bend the plant into your desired shape. Of course, it does not need any upkeep, water or sun.

Lucywey 2 pcs Artificial Hanging Plants, Artificial Ivy 40 Inch Long for Wedding Party Garden Home Hanging Basket Decoration

Get the full value of your money with these LUCY WEI 2 artificial hanging Plants. They have nine stems with an entire length of 40 inches. The plants have four small stems with eight leaves each, two medium stems with 20 leaves each, and three long stems with 32 leaves each. This makes a total of 168 generous leaves to decorate the high table, weddings, swing frames, wires, door frames, stairs, banquets, fences, gardens, and floral decorations.

The leaves usually change their colour from light green to dark green naturally, so your visitors will think that you have changed them. These trailing plants don’t require any care, and you can spread them in your desired shape. They are made from premium fabrics and plastics and decorated with lifelike leaves, which makes them look quite lively.

Blulu Artificial Ivy Hanging Vine Plant Leaves Garland for Christmas Wedding Party Garden Wall Decoration, 2 Pack

Are you tired of watering your hanging plants every day and having little time to care for your plants? Worry no more. These Blulu artificial ivy hanging vine plant  is a perfect choice for you. 

The hanging plants come in two-packs, with a total length of 37.4 inches and a total of 9 forks. The plants are easy to install and uninstall and they don’t need a lot of maintenance as you only wipe them using a piece of cloth, towel, or a small duster.

They can last for an extended period without withering or leaves dropping. This is because their leaves are made out of fabric and the stem from plastic. They look so natural, beautiful and always fresh and can be used to decorate living rooms, kitchens, guest rooms, gardens, parties, weddings, offices, patio, backyards, porches, and swing frames.

MZMing 5 Pack Artificial Ivy Leaf Garland Plants Vine Hanging Green Leaves Ivy Home Kitchen Garland Wall Decoration Silk Foliage Wedding Vines - Dark Green

These MZMing 5 Pack artificial ivy leaf plants are full of vitality and allow you to feel as if you are in a natural environment. They are commonly used in offices and homes but you can also spread them onto your décor without taking much space. They are perfect for hanging on swings, mirrors, wall doors, hallways, stairs, and fences since they will do nothing but add a rich and elegant appearance to all your decorations. They come in a pack of five with a full length of 100m each.

These plants feature gorgeous, well-balanced, green shades and leaves that look incredibly lifelike. They are built from plastic metal branch and craft leaves, which makes them quite durable, simple to maintain, environmentally friendly, odourless, and non-toxic. These plants do not wither, and the leaves never drop, which will keep your home or office looking beautiful for an extended period.

Gemini_mall Artificial Lavender Fake Flower Garland Hanging Vine String Plant Greenery for Wall Garden Bathroom Fence Indoors Outside Decor Purple

These trailing plants will add a serene touch and fresh air to your décor while taking up less space. They are abundant, luxuriant, lush, and overflowing, creating a natural look that many people will envy and they will give your visitors a warm welcome and make them feel like they just walked into another world. 

They are ideal for decorating living rooms, kitchens, guest rooms, showrooms, gazebo, tables, and offices. They are used to add greenery to backdrops, centrepieces, and photo shooting.

They are made out high quality plastic material which makes waterproof and UV-resistant, and therefore, for any outdoor space. They come in one pack and they are 80 cm in length. Relax from the hassle of watering your plants as these ones don’t need any water or sun. They are also easy to hang and remove and are pocket friendly.

XHXSTORE 2Pcs Fake Trailing Plant Artificial Hanging Vines Plants Plastic Weeping Greenery Drooping Faux Boston Ivy Plants Leaves UV Resistant Garland for Indoor Outdoor Wall Baskets Decoration

This is another beautiful trailing simulation plant. It would be best if you had a basket to hang the plants in your kitchen, balcony, bedroom, guest room, living room, garden, among other areas. They also provide amazing decorations for various outdoor activities such as weddings, parties, and celebrations and they will offer life, beauty, and personality to your walls. Welcome your visitors in a friendly and natural way with these artificial trailing plants.

The hanging plants last for a long time since they are made from hard-wearing plastic materials. Their stems are sturdy enough and cannot easily break and their waterproof feature allows them to remain fresh without changing colour. They are non-toxic, easy to assemble and disassemble, 105 cm in length, and they come in two-packs. 

FUJIE 2 Pcs Artificial Ivy Vine Artificial Plants Fake Ivy Hanging Garland Trailing Bracket plant for Outdoor Indoor Hanging Basket Decor

The beauty of these artificial plants is envied by many. They look natural and lifelike and you will enjoy their bold colours. They weigh 200 grams and come in a pack of two. The plants’ total length is 78 cm and allows you to forget anything to do with watering, pruning, and other kinds of maintenance. The only maintenance needed is wiping off dust using a small towel. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use because of the waterproof and UV-resistant feature that enables them to withstand any harsh weather condition.

The hanging plants have a pliable handle such that you can trim them to meet your DIY needs. They are easy to install and uninstall since you only need to hang or unhang the handle. Their durability is incomparable as they can practically last forever, thanks to the high-quality plastic. 

These faux plants are suitable for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, office, restaurants, cafes, bars, and coffee joints. They will also add more decoration to weddings and various kinds of parties.

IVYSHION Artificial Hanging Plant 1/2 Pack Trailing Ivy Plants Vine Plant Leaves Fake Hanging Ivy Vine Plastic Fake Greenery Drooping Plant for Wedding Party Garden Wall Hanging Pot Basket Decoration (Green Dill-1, 2 PCS)

You will be amazed by the beauty of these artificial hanging plants. They look so real and natural, and you will fool people into believing they are live plants. Only a few will notice that they are fake by looking keenly or by touching them. 

This trailing plant has nine branches, which are 35.4 inches long with 180 leaves in total. Place them inside the basket and hang them on your bedroom walls, living room, kitchen, guest room, dining room, patio, porch, balcony, or office and they will give you nothing but the natural beauty that you deserve.

The high-quality fabrics coupled with no-spray technology ensures the plants are environmentally friendly. The stems are made from premium plastic and iron wire that help to increase the plants’ lifespan. The fake leafy green plants look well preserved and don’t require any water or sunlight. You also don’t have to worry about insect infestation or have superb gardening skills since they won’t wither, fade, or break with ease. This means that your home or office will have an elegant look all year round. The plants are safe and harmless, thanks to the PVC material.

These are among the best artificial trailing plants on the market and we recommend each one of them if you are looking to add that touch of greenery to any of your spaces..


Here are some common questions that people ask about artificial trailing plants.

Q: Do artificial trailing plants look kind of tacky?

Yes! A good number of faux plants look quite tasteless and unreal. But this depends on the type of material used to make the plant. Low-quality materials will result in tasteless products, while high-quality material will provide vibrant, lifelike, and realistic-looking, fake plants. The market is actually flooded with low-quality, cheap artificial plants.

High-end trailing plants can be a bit pricey compared to poorly done products. Therefore, if you need durable fake plants, ensure you purchase high-quality products rather than buying cheap plants over time. Nature is not so perfect and applies to live plants as well. They often have imperfections and therefore, your artificial plants should not be uniform in pattern or colour.

Q: How do I clean my artificial trailing plants?

Cleaning artificial hanging plants is super easy and fast. You only need a wet, damp microfiber cloth. Gently wipe your plant, one leaf after another. In case the plant is too big, you will need to rinse your dusty cloth out before you finish. When the cloth is clean, squeeze the excess water and proceed with the cleaning process. If it gets dirty again, repeat the same process until you are through.

Q: Do artificial trailing plants look real?

They say that perfection is in the eyes of the beholder.. Some people cannot notice whether the plant is fake or not even after touching it. The majority of fake plants look so real, live, and vibrant. They also look beautiful, like well-preserved live plants. Most of them mimic mother nature’s realistic features.

Q: How long do artificial trailing plants last?

The durability period of these plants depends on several factors. The type of material used will determine how long the artificial plant can last. For instance, fake plants made from typical silk will last two to three months, and from there, they will begin to fade. The artificial plants made from UV treated/resistant material will last for longer than those without.

Final Verdict

With the advancement in technology, artificial trailing plants are now more vibrant, realistic, and natural-looking than ever before. Apart from adding beauty to your home, they also add life and freshness. The main benefit of using these plants is that they do not require any maintenance as they do not need water, fertilization, or sunlight, which helps you save your time and energy for other activities.

Artificial plants have a wide range of applications. You can use them to add beauty and change the environment temperament in your kitchen, living room, guest room, balcony, showroom, office, restaurants, bars, hotels, among other places. You can also use the plants to decorate weddings, meeting rooms, and parties. There’s really no limit to what you can do with them in your décor.

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