Best Artificial Plant/Green Wall

Best Artificial Plant/Green Wall

Artificial green walls are gorgeous plant structures that you can attach to external or internal walls to add extra beauty to your spaces. In recent years, these green walls have become more popular because they don’t need much care and they are cost-effective. They mimic living green walls, and only a few people will notice that they are fake green walls.

Unlike living walls, artificial green walls don’t require regular watering, weeding, trimming, and fertilization. You also don’t have to hire someone to take care of your artificial green walls. As a result, you end up saving your energy, time, and water, allowing you to pay attention to other crucial things. Plus, these faux green walls never attract pests and insects; hence you don’t require to spray your plants from time to time.

Artificial green walls never die, unlike living green walls, which may die despite taking extraordinary care of them. For example, a high-end fake green fence can last for decades in any weather condition. It would be challenging for living plants to survive in some weather conditions such as summer rains, winter chills, or any other harsh weather conditions.

However, these artificial green plants are an oasis of elegance since they turn your ugly-looking walls into vibrant, lovely, and magnificent walls as soon as you install them. They are also economical in the long run since they remain stunning and beautiful for an extended period. In short, this is a one-time investment that will last over the years.

It’s super easy to set up and remove these artificial green walls without necessarily requiring a lot of assistance. Furthermore, they don’t impact negatively on your walls after mounting them, unlike living plants, which are known to cause cracks and chronic dampness from excessive moisture retention. You can mount these faux green walls on stone, timber, brick walls, plasterboards, and concrete walls.

Another great advantage of these artificial greenery walls may help to reduce anxiety when you look at them. This is because they turn your home into a natural and lovely atmosphere, giving you the total relaxation you deserve. Plus, most faux green walls are pet and human safe; hence they won’t harm your pets or family members.

These artificial green walls help to provide shade, absorb noise, and protect you from prying eyes, giving you more privacy around your home.

Tips for choosing the best artificial green walls

To select the right artificial green wall type, you need to consider many things. For instance, is it to mount in the outdoors or indoors? If you are purchasing the green wall to attach it outside, you need to get a UV-resistant plant to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Non-UV-resistant green walls won’t last long since they will start fading and become less attractive. Other things to consider include:


The quality of your green wall is essential as it will determine how long it will last. Pick an artificial green wall made from high-quality materials so that you can get the most value for your money. Low-quality faux green walls can be damaged easily and don’t withstand pressure washing.

High-end artificial green walls mimic living plants since they have a realistic appearance, unlike cheap green walls that look tacky, and people will quickly note that they are faux plants. Be ready to spend more money initially, and you won’t regret it in the long run.


Ensure you buy a green wall with a warranty since it’s a good promise that the wall will last for a certain period. Don’t buy from unscrupulous dealers who don’t give an assurance of their products since they won’t last long, and you will have nowhere to lodge your complaint.


It is crucial to consider the measurements of the artificial green wall you want to purchase. Ensure you take all the dimensions of where you want to set up the green wall and make sure the height doesn’t surpass the wall or fence.


Choose faux green walls that imitate living green walls as much as possible. They should have all the characteristics of live plants like realistic trunks, imperfect leaves, and non-identical flowers. Don’t buy artificial green walls with unrealistic features like phoney rain droplets or glossy finishes since they look fake at a glance. Buy green walls that are asymmetrical and have imperfections just like natural green walls.

Foliage shape

What purpose do you want your artificial green wall to serve? Do you want to use it for privacy landscaping, garden landscaping, privacy walls, or yard privacy? Green walls have various foliage shapes that differ from one brand to another, allowing you to select depending on your preferences and tastes.


This is a crucial thing to consider when purchasing your artificial green walls. Never compromise quality with money because it will cost you more in the long run. Cash-out more money to get high-end faux green walls that will last for an extended period. Cheap artificial green walls may lure you with their prices, but they aren’t as aesthetically stunning as expensive ones and certainly not long-lasting.

Installation accessories

These include fasteners and hose clamps, among other accessories that will make you mount your green walls with ease. Make sure your faux green walls come with these installation accessories.

Best Artificial Plant/Green Walls Review

Artificial green walls will help you add a serene touch to all your outdoor spaces. However, faux green walls have flooded the market, making it overwhelming for you to select the best. But you need not worry. This guide will help you choose the best brand without much hassle of having to sift through the many options available.

Artificial Green Wall Hedge with Dark Leaf Foliage and White Flowers (Pack of 4) -UV Stable Vertical Garden

This artificial green wall will bring a natural world into any environment, whether it’s your home, office, garden, or yard. It helps to freshen up your unsightly walls into a vibrant and horticultural display. Its natural look is flexible with excellent weatherproof capabilities that protect it from harsh sunlight to prevent discolouration.

The green wall is made of vibrant green leaves and beautiful white flowers that help brighten up all your spaces. It retains its rich, green colour for many years without watering, fertilizing, or pruning; hence easy to maintain. Plus, the green wall won’t harm your kids or pets since it is environmentally friendly.

You can install this GreenBrokers A1136-04 Green Artificial Wall Hedge on your fences to keep off passers-by and neighbours peeking into your home compound. It also helps block excess noise and winds, allowing you to enjoy quality relaxation.

This faux green wall is easy and quick to install as you only need to push the pins of the segment through another segment’s holes at corresponding corners and attach them together.

It comes in a pack of four segments, with each measuring 50 cm x 50 cm, meaning it will cover a vast area.

Floralsecret 90Ft 12 Strands Artificial Vines Fake Ivy Leaves Hanging Garland Wedding Wall Decor(Scindapsus Leaves)

This gorgeous faux green wall is a brilliant alternative to a live wall since it has a natural appearance with real leaves design and incredibly lifelike texture. It takes away the hassle of watering, trimming, and other caring activities because it’s maintenance-free. The green wall will turn all installed areas into a lively, beautiful green zone.

It is made from high-quality non-toxic plastic materials that make it look like live plants, human and pet safe, and durable.

This Floralsecret 90Ft 12 Strand is UV-resistant; hence it doesn’t turn colour since it can withstand extreme temperatures. This makes it ideal for outdoor use since it’s not affected by natural weather. The vine leaves will block sunlight and wind without affecting airflow.

The package comes in 12 strands, with each strand having 80 leaves and a length of 7.5 feet; hence the total length is 90 feet and a diameter of 1.4-1.8 inches per strand. This is large enough for the areas you want to mount.

Installing this green wall is also easy since it’s lightweight, with each strand weighing 17 grams; therefore, 12 strands weigh 204 grams. You can use it to mount on walls, fences, stairs, gardens, and pillars.

QUUY Artificial Hedge Boxwood Fence, Realistic & Thick Fake Hedge Plants Privacy Screen Panels UV Protection Fresh Faux Foliage Backdrop Wall Decor for Indoor Outdoor, 60×40cm

This gorgeous artificial green wall will add a unique touch to any space you install it. It mimics living green walls since it creates a realistic appearance to your garden or garden. Only a few will notice that it’s a faux green wall.

The green wall creates an elegant place that will give your guests an extra sense of relaxation with less noise. It is durable and sturdy, thanks to the premium plastic materials that ensure the wall is environmentally friendly. The green wall is UV stable, meaning it won’t fade even under the sun or rain. Besides durability, the faux green wall is pet and human safe.

Maintaining this green wall is super easy since it doesn’t need watering, trimming, or fertilization. You only need to clean it once in a while. Install this QUUY Realistic & Thick Artificial Hedge Boxwood Fence Privacy Screen Panels on your fences to prevent prying eyes and blocking wind.

Each panel measures 23.6″x 15.7″ (60*40cm) with 144 stems and very dense leaf coverage, and installing it is a breeze. Ensure you measure where you want to mount it before buying.

You can use it for wedding decoration, window display, hotel decoration, house decoration, and party decoration.

BPIL Artificial Ivy Hedge Privacy Fence Wall Screen, Leaf and Vine Decoration for Outdoor Decor Green 1 x 3 m

You only need to mount this BPIL Artificial Ivy Hedge Privacy Fence Wall Screen on the fence and you can say goodbye to strangers and prying eyes.

Unlike living green walls, which are more challenging to establish and maintain, this wall screen doesn’t need trimming or watering since it is maintenance-free. You only need to clean it once in a while using water.

It’s made from UV stabilized PVC and woven into plastic mesh panels, making it long-lasting, sturdy, and UV-resistant. It’s not affected by any weather conditions; hence ideal for outdoor use and doesn’t change its rich, green colour.

The faux green wall measures 1m x 3m, and it’s easy and quick to install since you only need to attach the backing grids to the walls or fence. You can use it to decorate your living room, guest room, garden, patio, yard, terrace, and wedding.

blessvt Artificial Leaf Screening Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen, Garden Artificial Ivy Leaf Hedge Fence Wall Balcony Privacy Screening Roll UV Fade Protected Privacy Hedging Wall Landscaping

This artificial green wall will give your home a new look soon after installing it without spending more money since it’s less pricey than other faux green walls on the market. It mimics living walls since it has all the actual characteristics of a natural wall. This is because it is made from environmentally friendly and odourless premium plastics woven with polyester fibre leaves to give it a realistic look.

It never fades even under rain or sun since it withstands high and low temperatures, allowing it to last for an extended period. You also don’t have to water or trim this faux green wall, and it doesn’t attract pests and insects.

You can place it in exposed areas around your home compound to prevent passers-by and curious neighbours from interfering with your privacy. It will also shield your space from strong winds and sunlight, and allow proper air circulation.

This fantastic faux green wall has realistic leaves that decrease excess street noise, allowing you and your guests to relax freely without interruption.

It has grids on the back that make installation easy as you only need to connect and trim them. The green wall is flexible enough and can bend easily on any side.

You can use it to beautify wedding walls, terrace decoration, bar wall decoration, restaurant wall decoration, commercial sign wall decoration, and balcony privacy shielding.

CHRISTOW Artificial Conifer Leaf Hedge Screening, Outdoor Garden Privacy Screen With Leaves, Wall Fence Panel, UV Resistant, H1m x W3m (3ft 3" x 9ft 10")

This artificial green wall will create a stunning look in all your outdoor spaces. It resembles a conifer bush and will beautify your unsightly walls and fences into lively and vibrant green zones since it emulates a living wall.

The conifer style leaves are made from UV-stabilised and weather-resistant polyurethane hand woven into durable green plastics chain-link mesh that make it have a realistic appearance, hard-wearing, and sturdy. It retains its rich, green colour for an extended period without changing colour as it resists harsh weather conditions.

Other than adding a greenery pop to your home, this CHRISTOW Artificial Green Wall will block out your neighbour’s views, giving you more outdoor space.

Unlike natural foliage, this faux wall needs no maintenance as you don’t have to trim, water, or grow it at all. It is easy to clean it by spraying with a hose nozzle at a medium rate and then wipe to remove moisture.

Installing this green wall is super easy since you only need to attach the cable ties to the mesh fences, or else you use the heavy-duty staples to connect it on wood fences. It measures 1m high x 3m wide when rolled out, which is enough for various applications.

GoldCister Artificial Leaf Screening, Expanding Trellis Fence Roll With Ivy Leaves, UV Fade Protected Privacy Hedging Wall Landscaping Garden Fence Balcony Screen 3(L) X0.5(W) m

This elegant and beautiful faux green wall is suitable for decorating your balcony, patio, garden, backyard, terrace, and other ugly-looking places. It’s made from high-quality plastic materials that give it a natural look with incredibly lifelike polyester leaves. It doesn’t fade or turn colour under the hot sun or heavy rains since it’s UV-resistant.

The take away the hassle of watering or trimming live plants by this GoldCister artificial leaf screening wall since it’s maintenance-free and doesn’t attract pests and insects.

The faux green wall will block wind, sunlight and keep away prying eyes from your home compound. The vine leaves are easy to clean and will maintain their green colour all year round.

It is easy to install and can be used for balcony privacy shielding, wedding wall decoration, bar wall decoration, restaurant wall decoration, and terrace decoration.


Technological advancements have made artificial green walls mimic live walls to the extent that many won’t easily differentiate between them. Their foliage and texture look and feel the same as natural walls. They beautify and turn your ugly and old walls into vibrant, gorgeous, and elegant-looking walls.

These artificial green walls are easy to maintain, unlike natural walls, since they don’t need watering, fertilization, or trimming. Besides adding beauty to your home compound, they help block sunlight, reduce noise, and prevent prying eyes.

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