Best Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Best Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Artificial boxwood hedges are becoming popular in the UK, and you will see them along many streets across the UK. This is because they are maintenance-free and the best alternative to natural hedges.

Planting and taking care of boxwood hedges can be overwhelming, especially if you are pressed for time or you have a busy schedule. But you need not worry. Artificial hedges are now the best alternatives to real hedges. You don’t have to spend hours watering, putting down fertilizer, or trimming your faux hedges, which will save you more time and energy to focus on other crucial things. Plus, these artificial boxwood hedges are not affected by pests’ infestation so you won’t need to spray them regularly.

Artificial boxwood hedges imitate living hedges so much, and only a few will notice that they are faux hedges. They are an oasis of beauty and will turn your outdoor spaces into lovely, vibrant, and elegant-looking spaces. They also remain gorgeous and stunning for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy the pop of greenery all year round.

You can use these artificial boxwood hedges to add privacy screening to your home fences, add a touch of greenery to your roof terrace, create a barrier or border, or decorate your balcony, garden, windowsill, hallway, among other outdoor spaces. They create an impressive and tropical look that captivates your guests as well as your neighbour’s envy.

Faux boxwood hedges protect you from prying eyes and curious neighbours, keeping your life as private as possible. Don’t let your neighbours and passers-by know what you are up to around your home or look at your retreat.

You can set up these artificial boxwood hedges yourself without necessarily requiring a helping hand. And unlike natural hedges, these faux hedges don’t damage your walls by causing cracks or chronic dampness from more moisture retention.

Faux boxwood hedges also allow you to have peace of mind while relaxing since they help reduce excess street noise, block sunlight, strong winds & cold, especially during the winter season.

Tips for buying Artificial Boxwood Hedges

For you to get the best artificial boxwood hedges, there are several things you need to consider. You don’t have to go to the shop and pick any variety. For instance, you’ll have to make the following considerations:

Where do you want to install your boxwood hedge? What kind of foliage do you want?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before making any purchase.

Here are some more considerations you’ll have to make:


This is an essential factor since material determines how long your faux boxwood hedge will last. You need to select an artificial hedge that is made from high-quality materials since they mimic natural hedges with their realistic appearance. High-end hedges will allow you to enjoy the pop of greenery beauty around your outdoor spaces for an extended period.

If you buy faux hedges made from low-quality materials, they will cost you more in the long run since you will be forced to go back to the shop to get another. This is because they don’t last for a long period since they usually fade within a short period and can’t withstand harsh weather conditions. Plus, these low-quality artificial boxwood hedges look tacky, and people will quickly notice that they are fake hedges.

Foliage shape

Why do you want to install your artificial boxwood hedges? What purpose do you want them to serve? Do you want to use faux hedges for privacy, screening, creating a barrier or border, window box, sculptures, or decorative topiary? Each brand of boxwood hedge has its unique foliage shape. This will allow you to choose the foliage type you want from the many available options depending on your tastes and preferences.


How does the faux boxwood hedge feel after touching it? Does it possess the characteristics of a natural hedge? A good artificial boxwood hedge should mimic a real hedge as much as possible. It should have all the properties of a natural hedge, from imperfect leaves to realistic trucks and non-identical flowers.

Ensure you don’t purchase faux boxwood hedges that have unrealistic features such as glossy finishes. People will quickly note they are fake from a short distance. Buy artificial hedges that have imperfections and are asymmetrical, like real boxwood hedges.


A warranty guarantees that the product you want to buy will last for a particular period. Therefore, before purchasing your artificial boxwood hedge, ensure the dealer gives the warranty so that you can lodge your complaint if all goes unexpected.


Price is a crucial factor to consider anytime you’re buying your faux boxwood hedge. This is because the market is flooded with both cheap and expensive products. If you want to get the best artificial boxwood hedge, you must be ready to dig deep into your pocket.

Many people are lured by cheap products, which end up costing them more in the long run since those products don’t last for a long period. Never compromise quality with cash; spend more upfront money, and you will see its value in the long run.

Best Artificial Boxwood Hedge Review

Most artificial boxwood hedges are beautiful and elegant, and they will turn your outdoor spaces into impressive and elegant-looking. However, there are numerous faux boxwood hedges on the market, which make it difficult to choose the best.

This guide will help you navigate the many options available so you can make the best selection.

Sunnyglade 12 Pieces 20"x 20" Artificial Boxwood Panels Topiary Hedge Plant, Privacy Hedge Screen Sun Protected Suitable for Outdoor, Indoor, Garden, Fence, Backyard and Decor (12PCS)

Do you suspect prying eyes around your home? Don’t worry. This Sunnyglade artificial boxwood panel is perfect for adding privacy to all exposed areas around your home. It has four leaves’ layers with 400 stitches per pile that make it dense enough that no one can see through your fence.

It mimics a natural hedge, and it will aesthetically transform and beautify your wall, yard, garden, patio, terrace, fence, backdrop, walkway, and hallway. You can also use a faux hedge to decorate the interior and exterior of your wedding, party, or Christmas decoration.

This artificial boxwood hedge is made of high-quality, lightweight, but strong polyethylene materials that make it sturdy, hard-wearing, and soft to touch. The UV protection feature helps it retain its green colour for an extended period without fading despite the weather condition.

Installing this hedge is super easy since each panel features interlocking connectors that you fix where you want to install it. It has a thickness of 50mm with dimensions of 20 by 20 inches and comes in 12 packs; hence it is enough for a complete installation.

The faux boxwood hedge is SGS certified, which means it’s safe for use and won’t harm your pets and kids.

Falflor Artificial Boxwood Panels 12PCS Topiary Hedge Plant 20"X20" Privacy Hedge Screen UV Protected Grass Walls for Indoor Outdoor Wall Garden Fence Backyard Home Decor

This artificial boxwood hedge will bring a natural environment around your home. Other than beautifying where you install it, this faux hedge freshens up and brightens up all corners, allowing you to feel as if you are in another world.

Unlike natural hedges, this faux hedge is maintenance-free since it doesn’t need watering, fertilizer, or pruning, allowing you to concentrate on other things. This will also help you save money because you will not hire someone to take care of your hedge.

Falflor faux boxwood hedge is long-lasting and weather-resistant, thanks to the high-quality plastic materials that make it have a natural look and soft to touch. It is UV-resistant, meaning it will last for a long period without fading. Don’t worry about your kids and pets since this faux hedge is pet and child safe.

It’s a perfect backdrop for a photo wall, baby shower, wedding party, studio, and stage decoration. The hedge is also a high-density privacy screen for fence, garden, patio, balcony, yard, among other places, protecting you from prying eyes and curious neighbours. You can use it to decorate the living room, guest room, office, walkaway, and hallway to give it a new, realistic appearance.

You will only take a few minutes to set up this hedge by fixing the zip ties to the wall or fence. It is also easy to clean using a garden hose or pressure machine.

The size of this hedge is 20″(50cm) X20″(50cm), 1.57″(40mm) height. Ensure you measure where you want to install it before buying.

ROMYIX 12 Pieces Artificial Plants Wall,Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panel, Greenery Ivy Leaf Fencing, Fake Leaf Screen Home Garden Outdoor Indoor Natural Screens Decoration 60 * 40 cm

This beautiful and elegant-looking faux hedge is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy a natural appearance with less maintenance work. It has real leaves design and an incredibly lifelike texture that is soft to touch.

This faux hedge will relieve you of all the work related to taking care of natural hedges such as watering, pruning, and other activities since it is maintenance-free. This will save your energy and time, allowing you to do other things, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Each greenery panel is made of PE plastics using real leaf technology, making it to have a natural appearance, hard-wearing, and sturdy construction. Its UV-protection feature makes the hedge retain its rich, green colour for an extended period since it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

You can use this artificial boxwood hedge to transform and add beauty to your garden, yard, patio, backdrop, walkway, hallway, terrace, and walls. You can also install it on your fences to prevent passers-by and neighbours from looking at your retreat, giving you more privacy around your home.

Installing this hedge is a breeze since it has a grid on its back, and you only need to attach this grid to a chain link or wood frame fence easily. It comes in 12 pieces, with each piece measuring 60cm by 40 cm.

mooderf Artificial Hedge Flower Garden,Artificial Boxwood Hedges Panels,Artificial Leaf Screening Roll UV Fade Protected Privacy Hedging Wall Landscaping Garden Fence Balcony Screen 60x40 Cm

This artificial boxwood hedge will allow you to feel like you are in nature while saving your room space since it mimics live hedges. It has pretty orange flowers and incredibly lifelike foliage that add a unique touch to all your indoor and outdoor spaces. This faux hedge gives your visitors an extra sense of relaxation since it helps to reduce excess noise. It will also help you block strong winds, sunlight and protect you from prying eyes.

It is made from high-quality materials that make it sturdy, wearable, and durable without formaldehyde. Its flowers will not wither or drop while its green leaves remain green all year round despite the weather condition, thanks to the UV-resistant feature.

This faux hedge is maintenance-free; hence it doesn’t require watering, fertilizer, or pruning, giving you more time to relax and spend with your family. Plus, it is price-friendly, meaning you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

You can use this artificial boxwood hedge for wedding decoration, hotel decoration, bar decoration, restaurant decoration, office decoration, among other places you want to decorate. You also hang it on doors, walls, mirrors, and swings.

It is easy to install this faux hedge without being assisted. The hedge has a thickness of 4-7cm with dimensions of 60cm by 40cm. Therefore, ensure you take the measurements of the area you want to install before ordering.

Kaibrite 9/12pcs Artificial Greenery Panel Fence Boxwood Hedge Fence Screen Hedge Panels Garden Privacy Fake Foliage Mat Wall 60x40cm (12PCS #3)

Are you suspecting prying eyes around your home? Don’t worry because Kaibrite artificial boxwood hedge will provide the high level of privacy that you need. You only require to install it in all your exposed areas around your home and say goodbye to curious neighbours and passers-by who look at your retreat.

It is made of PE plastic materials that make it hard-wearing, sturdy, non-toxic, and soft to touch. This fax hedge imitates a natural hedge since it has a mixture of different leaf types that creates beautiful and elegant-looking foliage. Its UV-resistant feature prevents the leaves from fading because it can withstand extreme temperatures.

This artificial boxwood hedge is eco-friendly and won’t harm your pets and children. It is easy to clean using a pressure machine or garden hose.

It will save your time on gardening maintenance since the faux hedge doesn’t require watering, fertilizer, trimming, or spaying as it is not prone to pests and insects.

You can use this hedge to add a serene touch to your garden, patio, yard, hallway, walkway, room, wall, and balcony. It has a snap-on panel design with cable ties that make it easy to attach the hedge to frames.

This artificial hedge comes in 12 packs, with each panel measuring 60 cm by 40 m.

uyoyous 12Pack Artificial Boxwood Grass Backdrop Panels Topiary Hedge Plant 24x 16Inch 31 SQ FT UV Protection Indoor Outdoor Privacy Hedge Screen Faux Boxwood for Garden,Greenery Walls and Home Décor

This artificial boxwood hedge will give your outdoor spaces a brand new look since it’s made from high-density polyethylene materials that give it a stunning look, soft to touch, hard-wearing, and sturdy. It is also UV-proof, meaning the faux hedge won’t fade even in the sun or rain. Plus, these materials are non-toxic, making the faux hedge pet and human safe.

It will add privacy to your home by preventing curious neighbours and passers-by from looking at your retreat. The hedge will also shield your space from strong winds and sunlight while allowing proper air circulation. Its dense realistic leaves help reduce excess noise, giving you peace of mind while relaxing.

You can use this faux boxwood hedge to beautify your garden, yard, patio, fence, wall, backdrop, walkway, and hallway. It’s also ideal for decorating weddings, Christmas, baby showers, among other parties’ decorations.

Unlike natural hedges, which require regular watering, spraying, and trimming, this faux boxwood hedge is maintenance-free. This means that it takes away all the hassle of taking care of real hedges, allowing you to focus on other crucial things or have quality time with your family.

It has interlocking connectors for easy do-it-yourself installation on any chain link or wood frame fence. Note that this artificial boxwood hedge needs drilling if you want to install it on walls. It comes in 12 packs with each panel measuring 24×16 inches; hence, take your installation area’s dimensions before buying.

zimo Artificial Hedges Boxwood Panels, 10Pcs Faux Grass Wall Backdrop Decor Shrubs Greenery Panels Decorative Fences Covers 26 Sq Feet For Indoor/Outdoor

This artificial boxwood hedge will give all your outdoor spaces an elegant and natural look since it mimics live hedges. It will turn all your unsightly fences and walls into vibrant and lively green zones with its realistic appearance.

It is made from high-quality UV protection materials that make it durable, sturdy, and UV-resistant, meaning that this faux hedge will retain its rich, green colour for an extended period since it resists extreme weather conditions.

This artificial boxwood hedge is maintenance-free, meaning you don’t have to trim, water, or put down fertilizer for it to grow healthy. Plus, it doesn’t attract insects and pests; hence, there is no frequent spraying like natural hedges.

You can use this faux hedge to decorate the living room, balcony, guest room, hotel, corridor, window, restaurant, wedding, and various houses. You can also install this hedge in all exposed areas around your home to prevent prying eyes, block sunlight and winds, and reduce noise for cool relaxation.

It is easy to set up this hedge as you only need to attach and fix the cable ties on the fence or wall. The artificial boxwood hedge comes in ten packs, covering 26 square feet, making it enough for a complete installation.


Artificial boxwood hedges now imitate natural hedges due to technological advancements. This means that faux hedges have a realistic appearance to the extent that many people won’t notice that they are fake even by touching since they have the same texture as live hedges.

These faux boxwood hedges will transform all your ugly views into elegant, vibrant, and stunning-looking spaces instantly. Besides adding beauty to all your outdoor spaces, these faux hedges help decrease noise, block winds, and prevent curious neighbours, adding more privacy to your home. The good thing is that they are easy to maintain and clean, unlike natural boxwood hedges, which require regular watering, spraying, and trimming.

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