Welcome to The Big Outdoor Show, we’re happy to have you here! We all have a green thumb around here, a passion for gardening in style, whether that involves outdoor plants or faux indoor plants, we love adding that bit extra to your home.

Founded in 2021 The Big Outdoor Show is a blog that aims to help you get the best out of your home through plants, trees, flowers, and more. This blog aims to provided advice on some of the best options you can choose to liven and bring a bit more green to your life.

Our Values

As we centre around providing advice and information around gardening both indoors and out we have some core values that we stick by in everything that we write and put out on our blog.

Honesty is the best policy! Like we’ve mentioned on this site you’ll often find review type content, we’ll give our honest opinion on whether we believe it is a good option based on our research. We won’t just promote a product because it’ll earn us a quick few quid, we only write about products we actually believe are good quality.

Another thing that we promise is that everything will be well researched. If we don’t actually own or buy the product ourselves, we will read through hundreds of reviews about it and look in-depth into the brand, to ensure that we are doing right by our readers.

Lastly – we’re pretty passionate about gardening! That should come across in our content, when we believe it’s a great buy, we’ll put that across or when we’re provided you with information about how best to treat your shrubs or anything of that nature, it should be clear that it’s coming from opinionated gardeners!

What We Do

As we’ve eluded too, you’ll mostly find advice or informative content that compares several products whether that is trees, flowers, plants or tools for gardening. We tend to answer some of the common questions around gardening that we think haven’t been greatly covered online.

Trust The Big Outdoor Show!

Our readership is why we do this, we love providing you guys with great informative articles and recommending the best products in our opinion to get your home and garden looking fantastic, so all we ask, is trust our opinion, we know what we’re talking about!